Friday, December 07, 2007

"Smiles, everyone, smiles!" Habs 4, Bruins 2

Plan the parade - A win, baby!!! Against a division rival! Against a longtime rival! We're smiling! HF10 was right. We're back on the bandwagon (the temporary jump off in the second period notwithstanding).

Many, many good things here. Let's start with that 1st period. A delicious plate of awesomeness. All 4 lines creating chances. All 3 D pairings working. PP finally working again. Price had practically nothing to do. I was giddy, and it wasn't the bottle of Bushmills I was working on. Best "team" period we've played all year.

Next, let's turn to HF10 and Panger's boy Higgins. Giddyup. Working it in the O zone. Skating, passing, looking, scoring. Beautiful.

Ryan O'Byrne. Say it with me. We're still deciding between Rhino and Burnsy as his nickname (vote in the comments), but either way that was a fabulous debut. Totally not out of place. 2 assists. Plenty of hits. Used his size. Some nice passes out of the zone. He even looked stylish wearing the number 3. He's the real deal. Pencil him in as our 4th D now. Pencil Breezer in as a healthy scratch for the rest of the year (please please please).

Some other parade notes - Chips' hard work was rewarded with his 3rd goal of the season. Habs bounced back from a crappy 2nd period to have 17 shots in the 3rd. Markov & Komo's D was better. Price was solid as usual. It seems like we won alot of faceoffs (that can't be right, can it?). The Bushmills didn't give me a hangover.

The sky is falling - did you see that 2nd period? The Bushmills bottle took a real hit. Habs totally laid back and did nothing. I hate that. Looked like they were skating in chocolate pudding. Can this team play 60 minutes for once? Please? Can I get some pudding skin singles? Please?

Maxim Lapierre, pussy. Seriously, Claude Julien sends out the goon, you're just up from Hamilton and you need to make an impact. And you skate away from said goon and let Little Franky B. fight your battles for you??? Don Cherry wants a word, you visor-wearing French-Canadian.

And the injury bug finally hit. Bégin hit his shoulder hard into the boards (pisser), and Smolinski may be out indefinitely (no great loss).

Chez Parée bound? Absolutely, though there will be no dancers for 20 minutes in the middle of the evening. And Lapierre didn't get in because he turned and ran away from the bouncer.

Next evil, evil foe - Canes Saturday night in Montreal. Long live The Whale.


too close to toronto said...

I vote for Rhino. Full credit and respect goes to Robert L.

While Burnsy is a classic hockey nickname (i.e. obvious, simple and not very creative), a rhino will fuck you up.

too close to toronto said...

Oh, no disrespect intended toward habsfan29 re: Burnsy, btw.

HabsFan29 said...

oh none taken at all. and it is trite and used. But I get to make "Eeehhh-xcellent" jokes with it!

And yes, full credit to Robert at Eyes on the Prize who used "Rhino Burn" first yesterday (Robert knows how much we respect him). Credit to Panger for shortening it to just Rhino 'cause I complained Rhino Burn was too long to type.

grrrreg said...

I think Rhino is by far more original and funny. Who else can claim such an awesome name in the nhl?

"Herve Villechaize was a babe magnet"

habsdoc said...

First of all, get this blog up and running in time for me to go to work...I go to read it at 5:30 AM and I NEED my fix of 4HF!!!

Second...Rhino flows off the tongue...

Third...great game, never in doubt!

Fourth...keep it up're helping me get thru a long, long winter here in southern Indiana

fezworth said...

Rhino for sure.

Noda said...

Rhino!! He looked like a rhino out there! HUGE! Immovable! And dangerous!

now we have the Hammer, Komi and the Rhino! Can anyone say return of the big three?

panger76 said...

Good point Noda, and this Big Three has a a more literal meaning (6'4, 6'4 and 6'5) Have the Habs have ever had three bodies that large on the blueline before? And David Fischer, Pavel Valentenko and Ryan McDonough are still on the way!

Jean-Francois said...

First off guys, please, leave Brisebois alone! Didn't see yesterday's game so I won't comment on "Rhyno" being 4th D material but it's still early after 1 game. Let's give him time.

Am I the only one to see George Lazenby when I look at O'Byrne?

But back to Brisebois, 7 points, created some good scoring chances. Didn't do that many more blunders than other Habs D (let's not put Hamerlik on this comparison) and is a -2. I don't think he deserve to be a healthy scratch more than Boullion who still look for a first point, Gorges or an umconfortable looking Streit (a -9 this year).

I'm not saying that Brisebois played THAT much better than them, but he sure as hell didn't look to me like he shouldn't be on the ice. Let's let Gorges finish in career in Hamilton and let the other 3 fight for their spot on the roster if O'Byrne is THAT good.

Anonymous said...

"Q - Do you have a nickname?

O'Byrne - Burner or OB"

Let him have the final say.

Anonymous said...

Here is the full article

Bryan said...

"full credit to Robert at Eyes on the Prize who used "Rhino Burn" first yesterday"

actually, he used that weeks and weeks ago ;)

HabsFan29 said...

Weeks ago?? Man, he's good.