Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Behold the Power of the Turtleneck - Habs 3, Isles 1

Plan the parade - I think I've said it twice already, but 2 points on the road over a conference rival fighting for those 4-8 spots is golden. Nothing to sneeze at. And to bounce back after the Saturday Night Massacre on Broadway is just (El) dandy!

Let's start with the Danse à 10 line (Kovy Pleks Big Tits for all you newbs). The talking head with the curly hair on RDS this morning called them "one of the best lines in the league." I am not sure I would go that far (yet), but damn it's getting close. Consistent offensive production, always a threat to score, and now they have added defensive responsibility to their repertoire. Pleks I can believe, but Kovy and defensive responsibility in the same sentence? Bestill my heart! Turtleplek deserves special mention, he of the 5-6-11 in the last 7 games. Only denied the hat trick by (imho) the smart play of Kovy at the end to ensure the win. Kovy said he wanted to pass to him for the empty-netter, but didn't want to chance a broken-up pass when he saw the Isles D come over. Old Kovy? I say that's bullshit. New Kovy? I believe him 110%.

The overall defensive effort of the team was top notch. They certainly benefitted from a tired Isles team, coming off a road trip and big win in Ottawa, but only allowing one shot in the 1st period is alright with me. The game total of 18 for the Isles was a best for the Habs this season. Muchos gracias ("spasibo" actually) to Markov who blocked a bunch of shots, and DOOM (Komo, Destroyer of Other Men) played well too.

Huet had a nice personal bounce back from Saturday night. When the Isles came alive in the middle of the second, he was there. When the Isles were pressing for the equalizer in the dying minutes, he was there. When God was handing out puck-handling skills to goalies, he most certainly was not there. But whatever. Just make saves, we'll be happy.

The sky is falling - Snake. Bit. The inability of many, many Habs (Saku, Guimauve, Higgins most notably) to bury their chances will soon become an issue. The most beautiful PP tic-tac-toe I have seen in a long time ended with Gui! totally whiffing the puck in front of an empty net. I really think it's time for a permanent reconstitution of Saks, Ryder and Higgins. Lately they are doing no better apart than they did when they were together.

Other than that? I can't really complain. What's wrong with me?

Chez Parée bound? For a solid two points on the road? You bet. Start winning like this at home and we'll build you a fucking tunnel from the Bell Centre so you don't even have to go outside.

Next evil, evil foe - The 4-game road trip comes to an end in Hotlanta. Did you know they are leading the Southeast division? Me neither. Now, leading the Southeast is not much of an accomplishment, but still.


Habsfan10 said...



panger76 said...

DOOM is great too, I only hope it catches on.

I'm not sure about reuniting Higgs/Milk Carton and Saks, if only bercause I'm not sure a Mad Max/Little Tits/Guimauve line is an offensive threat. We need 3 scoring lines!

HabsFan29 said...

DOOM was HF10's let's give credit where it belongs

pnager don't you think the 3 kids might be good together from their experience in Hamilton? plus, you're being greeedy wanting 3 scoring lines!

fezworth said...

29, what are you talking about? of COURSE panger's greedy. You should be as well!

Asking if the 3 kids will be good together because they were in Hamilton is like asking if you should put 3 of your articling students together on a case because they worked well together in law school.

The latter is a good way for your firm to lose a case, and to make your articling students jump ship to be bike couriers, or worse, computer scientists.

The former is a good way to lose points, and to teach 3 kids at the same time that they're not *real* NHL'ers. They need a veteran to help them along. And 3 scoring lines? Yes, please!

StanleyBelongsHere said...

Hey guys, it's the first time i'm leaving a comment but I've been an avid reader since I found out about your site at the start of the season, just wanted to say "Félicitations pour votre bon programme" (I've always wanted to say that!)

A little out of context, but here's a quick stat I'm sure you'll like. Not 100% sure about the numbers but I found this on another site:
Habs record with Breezer in the line-up: 12-12-5
Without him: 12-2-3

As if you didn't hate him enough!

And I don't want to get stuck on details, but Guimauve never played in Hamilton! Probably because he can't score goals when he's away from Saku!

BTW, turtleplek sounds awesome, and I think you should find a nickname for Markov, as our only all-star he deserves it! I have a couple of suggestion, if I may..

The silent soviet
Markov le markeur (being out top d scorer!)

but i'm sure you can come up with something awesome... Keep up the good work!

fezworth said...

StanleyBH, that's awesome! I've never seen Breezer's impact on the Habs so beautifully illustrated. That says it all.

I've always just called Markov "Ugly". Of course, it's always said with the greatest respect. I've been a huge fan of his since his draft day. I couldn't believe a person who basically looked like a neanderthal could ever blossom into such a wonderful lad, but blossom he did. He's still ugly, but now he wears it like a badge of honour. To be fair, he has grown into his lips over the past few years.