Sunday, January 20, 2008

Flightless Birds 2, Fightless Habs 0

Injured Sidney Crosby = cure for insomnia. Who knew? Anyway, here's an abbreviated game review as FHF has to run out and buy chips and dip for the long afternoon on the coach watching football this afternoon. Go Pats!
The Sky is Falling: If it is, we slept through it. No one played great, although allowing Georges Laraque to look like Wayne Gretzky on that first goal is unforgivable. I guess that makes Dany Sabourin Grant Fuhr. As HF29 would say, this was one of those 'trap' games, where everyone was counting out the Pens after Sid the Kid's injury, and they were out to prove something. Plus, they are one of the few teams hotter than the Habs right now. So I guess what I'm saying is don't be afraid to leave your house, the sky may not actually be falling.
Plan the Parade: No one played awful. Huet made a couple of big stops early. DOOM turned 26.
Who knew we'd long for the days of Todd Ewen? While we're not big fans of goon hockey (see Clarke, Bobby) it would have been nice to have someone stand up and fight Laraque. And not DOOM (too valuable) or Greek Lightning (too likely to be killed). Hell, we'd even settle for Aaron Downey.
Chez Paree Bound: Not a night for this kind of excitement. Go home and get a good sleep, boys. Well except DOOM - it is his birthday, and we're not heartless.
Next Evil Foe: The Broons visit on Tuesday. If you need a reminder for while all things Bruin are evil just remember: Terry O'Reilly, Mike Milbury, Don Cherry, Cam Neely, and of course Jeremy Jacobs (although if the team's own fans hates their owner more than the opponent's fans, can we still rely on that as motivation?) And if you're at the game, remember to boo Chara.


Loser Domi said...

Better motivation to hate on the Bruins:

HabsFan29 said...

Panger, Pats suck! And cheat. I used to like them. now i hope they rot

so im happy it sounds like i didnt miss much last night.

i am going to the Bruins. my record of suckitude at games this year will be on the line, but i will boo Chara excessively.

@LD, but i like Happy!

Loser Domi said...

@habsfan29: I like Happy as well, I just don't like his sweater choice. Besides, watching him get pummeled by Bob Barker is priceless, you have to admit

Nadine said...

Guys, my Flyers will beat on the flightless black birds for you on Thursday.

Small request from me: Please boo the hell out of Chara the Giraffe.

If you can arrange for your guys to pound the crap out of the Bruins, please do. (Beware: They are tricky little bastards and may put their heads down to board level so as to earn a suspension for one of your players.)

HabsFan29 said...


They are tricky little bastards and may put their heads down to board level so as to earn a suspension for one of your players.


no worries on the booing. as HF33 can attest, my capacity for booing lustily from the cheap seats is endless

@LD - the pummeling never ceases to kill me. and given the CBC shows that movie like once a week, i laugh quite often

lawyergirl77 said...

@29 - you boo from your section, I'll boo from mine. I somehow doubt we'll be alone...

And as for Football - while a part of me is definitely cheering for the Pats (especially now that Green Bay is out of it - sniffle), I just can't bring myself to cheer wholeheartedly for their asshole coach.

I guess I'll just have to stare at Tom Brady's ass for all four quarters of the game in order to console myself. Woe is me... *cough*