Friday, January 18, 2008

Habs 3 Blueland 2 (SO)

For some reasons Thrashers fans keep talking about "Blueland". Don't quit know why that is, but if all the residents look like the above, I'm booking with Expedia right now.

Plan the Parade: Canadiens wrap up their road trip with 6 points out of 8. They continue to roll three scoring lines and also extract their pound of flesh for the pre-Christmas shootout loss in ATL with a SO win of their own. Big Tits scores an absolute highlight-reel goal (although unfortunately dwarfed on this night by Rick Nash's magic tricks against Phoenix) and adds another in the SO for the game winner. Captain K also scores a rare tally in the SO to secure the win, while Cristo-Wall stays on his feet (!) to stop Kozlov and then makes a save off Marian Hossa, who opened the scoring for ATL. Huet also made some sterling stops in OT to give the Habs a chance to win. Ryder scores again (in a win no less) so it looks like "Milk Carton Mike" has found his game. It's just "Who can we get in a trade for Mike" from now on. HF29's Boy DOOM is dominant again.

Oh, and Breezer is safely locked in a truck again after escaping briefly.

The Sky is Falling: The Habs again seem to play down to their opponent again and almost give away a gimmie game (yeah yeah, the Thrashers are in first place - in the doormat Southeast division). As soon as Ryder drops the "Milk Carton" moniker, Gui! is right there to pick it up.

Who though we'd long for the Good 'Ol Jeff Hackett days? Rollie needs to put a leash on Huet playing the puck - as HF29 pointed out, my head exploded on that play, and was only made worse by him staring down Hamr after the goal. Can the Habs petition the NHL for a rule change to extend the goalie no-puck handling zone to everywhere on the ice?

Chez Paree Bound: Big Tits gets in, no cover, with three girls in a booth. Milk Carton Gui!, the tab in yours.

Next Evil Foe: The now Crosby-less Pens on Saturday as the Habs return home. I don't know alot about this Paul Ranger guy, but he's getting a Christmas ham from HFH next year if the Habs beat the Pens and end up capturing 4th place in the conference as a result.


chuck said...

Perhaps "Blueland" refers to the many Thrasher fans that come to their cames dressed ans empty blue seats...

panger76 said...

That would be a logical conclusion Chuck, can't believe I missed it!

Bryan said...

fack im gonna miss the game as i'll be on the bus out to canmore so i can go riding tomrrow

The Falconer said...

Chuck: The seats are Philips are grey. Try again :)