Monday, January 28, 2008

It's Never Too Early to Start the Hype Machine

So TSN wants you to choose the 2010 Olympic hockey team. They want you to know, right up front in big bold letters, that "It's never too early to start talking about the Olympic hockey tournament!"

Yes TSN, it is too early.

Jesus Fucking Christ. I know we are a hockey mad country. I know TSN should just be called the Canadian Hockey Network (OK, the Canadian Hockey and Darts Network). But this is fucking ridiculous. TSN themselves seem to think there might be problems:

Keep in mind, the team won't play until 2010. By that time, some of the veterans might be fading, and some of the kids might be shining.

Good point TSN! Then what's the fucking point of this stupid exercise?

This is just a poll and NOT part of the official 2010 selection process.

Well that's good to know. But personally, I won't vote until Pierre Maguire tells me who to vote for.


Loser Domi said...

Canadians have often bragged that they could send two teams to the Olympics and win two medals.

Ummm...they have? this is the first I've heard about it. Then again I'm just a stupid American so it's not as if I know anything.

When you can only pick one team, however, the choices are very tough due to the number of qualified candidates.

So, in order to write for TSN you need to learn how to be Captain Obvious?

Will you pick a veteran such as Martin Brodeur, or will it be a youngster like Cam Ward

Up front, will Joe Sakic still be a contender for a spot, or will younger legs prevail on your team?


HabsFan29 said...

Canadians have often bragged that they could send two teams to the Olympics and win two medals.

I think we made that claim in 1998 when we sent one team and won, oh, ZERO medals

panger76 said...

OK here's a Habs spin: who will be the Habs' Olympians? Komo, Higgins, Markov, Kovy, Saku, Hamr and Streit are givins to me (plus Big Tits, if Belarus makes it). Maybe for Turtleplek. Little Tits (for Russia, interestingly) and Halak (Czech) have an outside shot.

Baroque said...

I know the story behind the logo - but it still looks like a primitive cousin of Mr. Bill.

Maybe fan voting SHOULD be part of the selection process - for a second team. See if the fan-selected team would do better or worse than the official team.

Zwirb said...

Come on, Plek's a given. I don't see four Czech center I'd take before him. Prospal and Hudler, maybe. Holik, Lang, Straka and Nedved won't be gettting younger by 2010 and he's already better in my opinion. Who else? Bonk and Bulis? :-)

panger76 said...

@zwirb - good point, he's in. God help us if Bonk or Bu;is rank ahead of him at that point!

HabsFan29 said...

@panger and zwirb - i love the way you guys totally disproved the whole point of my post!

Zwirb said...

Can't help it. See: