Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Predictions are for Fools: Habs 4, Caps 0

So we're halfway through our Three Way (predictions contest) with CapsChick and Capital Addiction and the big prize (so to speak) is still up for grabs. But the Habs won, and so we're claiming victory (even though all three of us picked the Habs to win). Now if only our predictions skills helps us out with some lottery numbers once in a while.... (Meanwhile, the Caps can pay this dude a buck in the hopes of seeing what draft lottery number they'll get).

Plan the Parade - SHUTOUT! Sweet. Of course it will come as no surprise to hear from me that the goalie is the key player on any team, but last night HueT really was key. Although the Habs played a great first period and built up a huge lead (including a shorty by Little Tits on a great play by Turtleplek), HueT still had to make some timely saves throughout the game, and sometimes even manages to look like he intended to make the save. Plus Rollie tightened the leash and CristoWall didn't have a chance to gift wrap a goal by wandering out of the net to play the puck. Kovy (cheap mullet and all) was clearly the best player on the ice - a fact which was most notable when he left with a finger injury in the second, and the Habs were stuck in neutral. AK27 led Alex the Gr8 with 6 shots to 4 and 1 goal to none, plus Kovy played 5 fewer minutes. As a team, the Habs generated 40 shots to the Caps' 35, and may have regained top spot in PP efficiency with a couple of man-advantage goals.

The Sky is Falling - for the purposes of the Three-Way (predictions contest), we refuse to acknowledge any weakness on the part of the Habs since they have a return engagement in mere hours. And since Breezer is still locked in a truck, we have no need to vent on any of the players on the ice last night (enjoy it while it lasts, Milk Carton).

So let's take a look at the opponent's problems for once: Ovie spent more time trying to prove his toughness (5 hits to lead the Caps) against guys like DOOM that he forgot about scoring goals (right now his only flaw seems to be that you can get him to lose his head with a little roughing up). Oh how to put this next question kindly: does John Erskine have some sort of learning disability? TWO penalties for putting pucks over the glass in the same game? Seriously? That's Breezer-like (not a compliment, FYI). Brent Johnson was in position to have some pucks hit him; I don't think Olie is worried about losing his job. Kolzilla usually kills us, but he's pushing 40 and I guess asking a guy making $5.5 mill to work twice in three days is inconceivable. That or Boudreau figured the Caps had no chance. Yeah, let's go with that. Finally, Backstrom looks like he should be scooping out ice cream at the concessions, not taking defensive zone faceoffs (Little Tits can work the register, for that matter).

Who knew we'd long for the days of Bengt Gustafsson (Washington edition) - you know, back when the Caps actually made the playoffs on a regular basis. Good news Caps fans, it supposed to be a good draft year, so that top-10 pick will come in handy down the road. Plus Ovie, Backstrom and Green don't suck.

Chez Paree bound - Shutout = free pass for the entire team. Plus HueT gets a three-way of his own.

Next Evil Foe - Duh, Washington again. Although it's hard to call a team evil when you're actually waiting for a certain player on the other team to hop onto the ice. For the purposes of our Three-Way, looks like we need the Habs to win and score 4 goals, we will already admit our Washington goals-for is way off, Ovie needs to score (but not Kovy - he can just set up Turtleplek this time) and Greek Lightening needs to kick Brashear's ass. Although we have to say Capital Addiction looks like she got it right on the fighting front - but we'll retort by pointing out that there is no need to fight when you're up by so many goals!


HabsFan29 said...

that may be my favourtie graphic the FHF has had (non-stripper division). that dude is freaking me out

HabsFan29 said...

just to update everyone - Kovy's thumb has no damage. he'll play tomorrow

Shmee said...

Ha, Backstrom does look like he should be doing something more innocent then playing hockey. Maybe someone should tell him that long blonde corkscrews arent exactly intimidating in the faceoff circle? Although, a couple times it did look like Komisarek was trying to hump him from behind. What is it with him and blondes?