Friday, January 25, 2008

HF10's All-Star Rant: Fuck you, Mickey Ribs, you fucking ungrateful little fuckity-fuck

Mike Ribeiro, NHL All-Star.

Read that sentence again. Resist the urge to smash your limited edition Pierre Dagenais bobblehead against the wall. Do not phone Bob Gainey to complain. Do not curse Janne Ninnima to the heavens. Curse Mickey Ribs, who could have had it all in Montreal ... but fucked over his hometown franchise and fans.

Do you remember the ascension of Mickey Ribs? Local phenom, scoring almost at will at every level of youth hockey. A spot at the world's most famous hockey launch pad, the Quebec Pee-Wee Tourney. Scoring titles and scouts aplenty as a Triple A player. All-Star teams and Canadian Hockey League scoring titles as a junior in Rouyn-Noranda. Snapped up by his boyhood favourites in the 2nd round in 1998. Shoved to the forefront too early by an overwhelmed and desperate Ronald Corey and Reggie Houle, who needed something, anything to placate the fans after the debacle of the Roy trade and the horrid performance of the rudderless Habs.

You want a snapshot of the Corey regime's shortsightedness? Look at Mickey Ribs. Too small and slow coming out of junior, ill-prepared for fourth-line spot duty in the NHL, he was rushed into the starting lineup to thunderous applause and overblown expectations. He was shuttled back and forth between the AHL and NHL, force-fed to the National Junior team (rumours persist that the Corey and Houle only released Ribeiro for duty after receiving guarantees that Mickey Ribs and noted Canadiens draft bust Eric Chouinard would be first-liners ... lo and behold they were, undeservedly sucking up power play time from more motivated, more effective players), and handed a spot on a scoring line despite an alarming tendency to a) not play defense, b) get shoved around by every single player on earth and c) fall to the ground at the slightest of touches.

For every marvelous move behind the net, Mickey Ribs had two glaring defensive lapses. For each time he made running buddy Dagenais look like a sniper, there was Mickey Ribs shunning contact or tiptoeing around the offensive zone like a kid sneaking in after curfew. For each platitude about his hockey sense there was an apocryphal story about his continued lack of fitness. For each public appearance as the future of the franchise, there were whispers of two or three late nights spent out on the town.

Yes, the Habs were a lousy hockey team for much of that time. Yes, Mickey Ribs got rushed, jerked around by the clueless Houle, and feted too quickly by the Montreal media. The Canadiens organization and its fans deserve a share of the criticism for the way the Mickey Ribs era went down. But know this, you little twerp:

It wasn't the Canadiens who acted like a snarky little punk in the dressing room.

It wasn't the fans who didn't put in the necessary work on hockey basics like defensive zone coverage, faceoffs, backchecking, and avoiding lazy, jackass hooking penalties.

It wasn't the media who didn't spend any time working out in order to develop some semblance of the physique required of a professional athlete, rather than stick with the build of a high school clarinet player.

It certainly wasn't the Habs or anyone else's idea to collapse like you'd been shot, only to laugh about it on the bench moments later (against our most hated of rivals no less), causing the franchise and its supporters untold embarrassment and leaving proud men like Beliveau, the Richards, Gainey, and Koivu to wonder why a punk kid would cheapen their legacy.

No, Mickey Ribs, it was you. You, who so polarized a dressing room and a fanbase. You, who promised so much and really delivered so little. You who forced Bob's hand to the point where he essentially gave you away rather than put up with your lazy, unmotivated, no-backchecking, pansy, party-instead-of-work-on-my-numerous-deficiencies, scrawny ass. You, who after experiencing some sort of epiphany when you realized you wouldn't be mollycoddled and protected by certain fawning Montreal media and apologists and might see your ass carted right out of the league, decided to, in your own words "put my head in the right place and do what I have to do to be successful"

It was you who threw the Habs under the bus when you said things like this:

"They [the Dallas coaches] let me play the way I can can play ... You try to make plays. If I create a turnover, well, they won't bench me. They'll tell me to keep playing smart and create offence."

"If [the Canadiens] gave me the chance from the beginning [in a scoring role] maybe I would have started being the player I am now a bit earlier. I always knew, deep down, I could be that player. Playing with good players and a good team has helped."

You know what, jackass? You were too small, too slow, and too lazy to warrant any special treatment and still got it from the Habs. You got put on the top line when Koivu was hurt. You received plenty of power play time. You got plenty of chances considering you didn't work on your strength, conditioning, skating, or attitude in the SEVEN FUCKING YEARS you were in the organization. And suddenly it's all the Canadiens fault? Fuck you, you little punk. Christ, the Canadiens paid a salary to your idiot drinking buddy Pierre Fucking Dagenais for two years to keep you happy and you still crapped the bed. Now you're in Dallas and on pace for 90 points, and it's the Canadiens fault? Suddenly you get to Dallas, keep your fucking mouth shut in the dressing room, go home after practice instead of out to Crescent Street, hit the gym for the first time in your fucking life and it's the Canadiens fault? God, I wish someone would break your skinny ass in half. Enjoy the All-Star game, Mickey. It should be right up your alley, since no one is going to throw a hit or play defence. Can't wait to see you improve on your 8 points in 24 career playoff games when someone like Dion Phaneuf is using your spine as a fucking toothpick this spring.



HabsFan29 said...

when someone like Dion Phaneuf is using your spine as a fucking toothpick this spring

that is gonna be SO awesome!!!

You have expressed my fervent hatred of Mikey perfectly! But, you know, much more eloquently, so thanks!

PPP said...

Wow. Now I hate the guy.

bob said...

For a second I taught you hated him more than the Breezer.

Makes me wish for a MTL-DAL final with Komi looking out for Ribs.

lawyergirl77 said...

HF10 - thank you for summing up exactly how I feel about this slimy fucking rat. I hate him so much that my blood starts boiling whenever I think about the whiny punk. His latest comments to the press shouldn't be able to add to the hate, and yet, they somehow have.

I used to see this little piece of barely formed turd strutting his little-in-every-sense-of-the-word self around on Crescent street or Saint Laurent after games, expecting that, by the sheer force of his magnetic personality, he had a right to the hottest chicks around.

No, you fucktard. Chicks weren't going for you, they were going for your (perceived) money or they were using you to get to Dagenais, who at least looked as though he had something in his pants.

Rot in Hell in Dallas, you piece of shit. May you piss off some angry Texan and get the ass whupping you richly deserve. I'd like to think that the pain would make you a real man, but we all know that's impossible.

lawyergirl77 said...

Bob - I can't speak for the FHF, but I certainy hate him more than Breezer, Brière and Darcy F. Tucker all rolled into one. Had he never pulled the shit he pulled in the playoff game against Boston, he would have been on Breezer's level. After that stunt, however... words can't describe the hate I felt.

Breezer may have fucked off and gone skiing when he was injured. Ribs made me embarassed to be a Habs fan, even more so than due to Ronald Corey's tenure of mismanagement.

Habsfan10 said...

Wow. Do not, repeat, DO NOT anger LG77. Mickey Ribs should serve as a cautionary tale for each and every one of you.

Bob, I also hate Mickey Ribs more than Breezer. You can't ever accuse Breezer of not trying. He's just prone to massively stupid mistakes.

fezworth said...

10, you are a legend!

The thought of that little shit sailing through the air followed closely by Dion Phaneuf's shoulder just puts a big smile on my face.

HabsFan29 said...

Breezer and I are BFF's compared to how I feel about Mikey

So said...

...the build of a high school clarinet player.


HabsFan29 said...'s Scott Burnside has awarded Mike Ribeiro his "out of the blue" player award for the first half


Anonymous said...

Possibly the greatest piece of literature ever written. Nice job, I hate that rat.

lawyergirl77 said...

HF10 - My shit list is really short, but once you're there, you're probably there for life.

But if you're not there - I'm a pussycat, really! ;-)

Topic? Ribs is a whole different kind of pussy. And 10, your post is still absolutely brilliant!

twotworomeo said...

This has got to be the best article I've read since I discovered your blog. Would be nice to meet the Stars in the playoffs...

baroque said...

"...when someone like Dion Phaneuf is using your spine as a fucking toothpick this spring..."

Maybe not.

His head might "accidentally" run into Chris Pronger's elbow before then - you know, just the result of physics.

He sounds like quite the drama queen.

Senators Lost Cojones said...

Wow. HF10, I stand in awe of your ability to be that angry and yet still produce such brilliance. Clearly, I need to work on my ranting skills.

Anonymous said...

the bruins fans are with you on that. fuck that little chickenshit brat