Friday, January 11, 2008

Habs Hunt Down Bruins Again

Add another head to the wall ... that's 5 in a row this year

Another Habs-Bruins tilt, another Habs win. Ho-hum. It's just like most of the 80's, 70's, 60's, 50's ...

Plan the parade: 5 and oh versus our most hated of foes from Boston this year, 8 straight going back to last year, 17 of the last 21. I said it earlier this season and I'll say it again: after too many losses at the hands of the Black and Gold in the late 90's and early 00's, order has been restored to the universe.

The powerplay keeps clicking, no doubt aided by the stupid is as stupid does Bruins (Marco Sturm, Sean Thornton, come on down!).

The scoring got spread around, with Kovy and Pleks getting a goal and assist each, Mad Max jamming in a rebound from Panger's newly-returned boy Higgins on a 3 on 1, and El Dandy (Handy Dandy indeed!) looking his most Dandyish with a nice steal for his first and the proper finish of a sweet passing play from Slowinski and the Swiss Mister for the kill shot 5th.

The Habs let the Bruins waste their time with cheap penalties, headshots and sucker punches and made them pay on the scoreboard (hey, just like most of the 80's, 70's, 60's, 50's ...) and even gave as good as they got sometimes (see special "Mike Komisarek: Destroyer of Men" section below for more details.)

Carbo sat Greek Lightning for Slowinski and Slowinski didn't suck terribly. I suppose that's a plus.

The defence, lead by "Mike Komisarek: Destroyer of Men" (see further below) played very well at times, keeping Bruin threats Sturm, Marc Savard, Milan Lucic and Phil Kessel under wraps for most of the night. Josh Gorges in particular stood out with a number of nifty break-ups of Bruin rushes. Someone has been doing their homework.

The Sky is Falling: The Koivu line looked off for most of the night, with Koivu taking a bad penalty and finishing -1 and Gui! Gui! Gui! and Little Tits both -2. It appears as one Tits brother goes, so goes the other, because other than Sergei laying one big hit late, both Tits were nearly invisible for most of the night. We demand better Tits! Neither Tit will thrive in the scrappy environment that almost always results from a Bruins-Habs game, but tonight was especially disappointing.

Huet played solid at times but neither goal was a "no chance" type and could have been had.

Carbo's decision to sit Greek Lightning when the team was already down Begin meant that a lot of Bruins miscreants (Lucic, Thornton, Big-Dumb-Jackass Chara) shoved and scrummed their way around the rink all night. One of Greek Lightning or Begin would have probably tried to make Thornton explain his Downie-esque cheapshot on the Hamr. They may not have won, but they would have been there to ask the question. Thank goodness there was an answer in the form of:

"Mike Komisarek, Destroyer of Men": Komi played the game of his Habs career last night, showing everything Habs fans had hoped for since he went 7th overall back in 2001. Blocked shots. Cleared the net. Took an elbow (probably not a malicious elbow, but an elbow nonetheless) and came back out pissed after not missing a shift. Pounded on Savard, Lucic, and anyone else wearing a Bruins jersey with glee for 60 minutes. I loved it and hope it continues for 10 years. By the way, did you know he's 25? Giddyup. This actually could continue for 10 years!

Zdeno Chara is a big dumb jackass: Hardly news, I know. But the other Eastern All-Star starter on defence put the Habs first goal in his own net (with his hand, no less), spent a lot of the night trying to shove guys like Mad Max and Koivu around after the whistle, and topped it off with a glaring miss of an open net that would have tied the game 3-3 just as the Broons were getting the upper hand. Nice contract, ya big buffoon. Does the "C" on your jersey stand for "Completely Overpaid?"

Chez Paree Bound: "Mike Komisarek, Destroyer of Men" deserves to have a suite built in the back for his work. El Dandy will see the Patron flow freely in the VIP section, not only for the two goals, but for how he just stood there without even celebrating the second because he could. Deux of the Danse a Dix get in, but Big Tits has to go home with Little Tits to call home and apologize for their performance. Spots in line for almost everyone else. Why? Because Habs 5, Bruins 2. That's why.

Next Evil, Evil Foes: Start spreading the news; Habs head to New York for the weekend for two, Rangers then Isles.


HabsFan29 said...

Komo deserves Markov's spot in the All-Star game if he's going to play like that.

Destroyer of Men indeed

fezworth said...

Yes, I laughed out loud when I read that. I think Komi is not nearly a good enough nickname. I think I'm just going to use the full Destroyer of Men from now on... Well, maybe I'll just use DOM(tm)

Habsfan10 said...

If we expanded it to Destroyer of OTHER Men, we could shorten it to DOOM.

msevigny said...

You had to watch the game on TSN to get the full effect, I think. I haven't seen Pierre Maguire tongue-bathe a defenseman like that since the Double Dion hit, and he doesn't treat ANYONE like that these days for an entire game other than Sidney Crosby. They're going to have to ban him from between the benches next time the Habs are on TSN or he might climb the glass and try to hump Komisarek's leg. Although, this would be pretty understandable behaviour by Pierre standards.

It's especially strange if you remember how much Pierre has hated on the Habs for the last several years, and now all of a sudden they seem to be one of his (and TSN in general's) favourite teams.