Thursday, January 31, 2008

tm HF10

Available at all finer dépanneurs.

UPDATE - Ladies spaghetti top now available!


Duche said...

Great blog/rant/whatever guys, seriously. One of the best about the habs for sure.

Hum, I just found out about you blog a couple of days ago. I get why you call the brothers "Tits", and Komi "doom" and AK27 is sweet. But for Carey Price, I am confused. TFS ?

You guys are rough on Breezer. Vous donner raison à Réjean Tremblay, colisse.

Ho, btw, the stripper pics are slightly weird. I somehow feel guilty when I go on your blog at school. I guess its an inside.

Ho, second btw, I don't know if you'll give a shit, but I am currently studying law, in order to become an asshole too. Ho and I also have season tickets section 405.

HabsFan29 said...

TFS(tm) = The Franchise Saviour, trade-mark FHF