Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pens Insta Game Preview and Open Thread just in case

I'm out of town, and I think there may have been confusion as to who was doing a preview. Just in case, here's a quick preview:

Habs vs. Pens 7 PM Bell Centre, Sid's not playing.

Enjoy the game.


fezworth said...

WTF??? CBC HD is showing Leafs/Sabres?? I'M not in Ontario, I don't want to see that! I have to watch in SD, that bites.

msevigny said...

I think the CBC only has the one HD setup. Why bother having more than one when there's only going to be one Leafs game on at a time? I'm pretty sure there are more people in Ontario than the rest of the country anyways.

Happy birthday to Komisarek, incidentally.

fezworth said...

msevingny, I'm sure you're right. I just don't like it.

Woof, this doesn't bode well. No Game Preview, and George Laraque looks like The Great One behind Huet. Scary.

Habsfan10 said...

Hi folks. Apologies for the lack of game preview. Entirely my fault. Traffic, if you can believe it. Now, a sorta-kinda in game preview:

Details: On right now! At the Bell Centre. As HF29 has mentioned, Sid got hurt last night.

Hot sexy Habs? Huet in the crease. Big Tits and Turtleplek are going great guns.

Skanky Habs? Huet anywhere but the crease. Higgins and Koivu have a real case of Ryderitis.

Hot Pens? Ty Conklin is something like 25-1. Malkin has 2 hat tricks in 12 days, over 50 points and is probably pissed he didn't make the all star team. Oh oh.

Skanky Pens? Jordan Staal had 29 goals last year and is on pace for like half that. Everyone else seems fine.

Post-game entertainment? It's Montreal ... go to Ste Catherine and throw a rock. You'll either hit a strip club, a church or a high-end department store. All fun in their own way!