Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hey, it's ASS (All Star Sunday)!

The FHF All-Star coverage has been either brilliantly rant-y (one last time, fuck you, you little fuckity-fuck) or, uh, well I guess that's been the extent of our All-Star coverage. I think it's because we just don't care. Or maybe it's because it's on a sucky network in the States we're still pissed the NHL re-upped with. (We kid, Versus, you're great! Can we have our magnetic playoff thingy now?)

Anyway, we're about to rectify our lack of ASS coverage, in handy HF29-patented bullet point form!
  • Well that fancy-schmancy shootout contest was a total suck-fest. No one could score and beyond Ovechkin's juggle-baseball attempt (which he whiffed on), no one was impressing Dominique Wilkins on this night;
  • There is some actual hockey news from yesterday as the NHLPA is pissed about the NHL announcing the Euro games even thought the players haven't agreed to it yet. Pick up the phone once in a while, NHL!
  • For some real All-Star coverage, head over to Interchangable Parts. Pookie and Schnookie's desire for the Versus magnetic playoff thingy is insatiable;
  • melt your face-off is your one-stop shop for ASS live blogs. hockey's ladies of greatness will have one too.

Well, that's really it. We just don't care. Sure, we'll be watching. But a 14-12 game is not hockey dammit.


Loser Domi said...

do you think Kovalev and Sundin are texting each other to commiserate?

I love that tag, but I think they're eating ice cream and painting each others toes. Or playing Grand Theft Auto.

HabsFan29 said...

maybe Kovy flew them somewhere private in his plane

msevigny said...

I hope all the new NHL fans that Gary desperately hopes exist liked the all-star weekend, because other than the Youngstars game, the close finish of the ASG, and Nabokov being an asshole and pokechecking everyone in the trick shot competition, this year's festivities were a dog.