Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Game Day Skate for Tuesday, January 22nd

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of / having nightmares of wearing of a bikini at Lambeau Field...

Bruins and their insufferable fans in town tonight. Just a note, we are NOT saying "Brooooons," or "Booo-urns," we are, in fact, booing.


fezworth said...

Just a little happy note for today, courtesy of Habsinsideout:

"An MRI Monday showed two broken bones in the left foot of defenceman Patrice Brisebois, who is on the ice for today's morning skate regardless though obviously not ready to play this evening against the Bruins."

Yay! ^_^

Loser Domi said...

RE: Forsberg sighting:

What is he, Swedish Bigfoot or something? Elvis? And I don't think you guys will ever seem like a Leafs blog--Youppi! wouldn't allow it.