Friday, January 29, 2010

Maybe a Sexy Friday Open Thread of Love will cheer us all up

Top 'o the Friday morning everyone! What a fucking shitty week in Habs land. But TGISF, mofos! And since there will be jack shit happening today (knock wood), here's a little open thread of love to keep us all amused. And titillated. Don't forget titillated.

Let's see, what's going down this fine AM. Yesterday's Habs news was two-fold. First we had Vodkov and TFS hugging it out at practice. Nice pic of it over at Habs I/O, though I like our hugging pic better. If you want to tear your hair out, read Michel Bergeron's piece on Here's a summary: blah blah blah, TFS is not Marty Brodeur or Patrick Roy. In the other Habs news from yesterday, it looks like BGL ain't getting anywhere near those hot Swedish babes. Very disappointing. That would have made for some Sexy Friday fun.

Elsewhere around the N, if you thought things were bad around here, you haven't been to Tronna. Players are begging to get off the team. In actual hockey action, Sens are just fucking rolling. Took care of the Pens last night, 4-1. I think that's 8 wins in a row. Holy crap. Hey anyone know who the Sens are playing next? Oh fuck me. In the East playoff clusterfuck, Thrashers beat the Flyers and the Isles lost. That leaves the Habs currently in 10th officially, but with all the games in hand it's essentially 13th.

Sorry that last line was a bit of a downer. More Sexy Friday and CHeering up! Here's a little video of poorly Photoshopped CH's on hot babes you may enjoy. Have a good one kids.

37 comments: said...

It's amazing how Price's supposed attitude blinds everyone. he's like a lightning rod. the problem with Montreal is it's fishbowl aspect and a bored media with nothing to do.

Mathias Brunet has an interesting column on Price

(I know, I know just more platitudes)

A pox upon all hacks who even mentions the word goalie

Orangeman said...
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PPP said...

Leafs Fucking Suck.

Now, with that out of the way, I love Open Threads of Love. There is something just magical about two beautiful women kissing.

Defininitely helps brighten the day.

As for Carey, the kid's aloof. Has always been and every story about the kid re-inforces that. So what? If he's good enough it's not a problem. And yeah, the media in MTL like in TOR get bored. That's a problem for the entire team.

Ian Vitro said...

Thanks for sexy Friday, my brain desperately needed something positive associated with the Habs.

Markov may not want to be Captain on account of the media scrums, but I sure like the way he deals with them:

"...Markov offered little when asked about it. 'If you're looking for a bad story, you've got the wrong guy,' the veteran defenceman said. 'You're supposed to help us now because we're going through a tough time.'"


Sleepy said...

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't the game in question the one where TFS pulled Hamerlik off of the goon so he could have a piece of the action? I think that shows plenty of heart and emotion.

I'm going to have to change my I.D soon as the 1 year old is starting to sleep through the night

habsss said...

I'm going to think positively and say that if thats 8 wins in a row then the Sens are going to have to lose a game eventually.

Or they'll just crush the Canadiens and make it 9 wins in a row

David said...

Holy fucking shit am I getting tired of the sports « media » in this fucking town. Jesus! Guess what Bergie, NOBODY gives a flying fuck what you think. To even have an ounce of credibility, you would at least have to be able to write your own columns, but anyone who's ever heard you speak knows you clearly don't have the basic language skills. There's no Guy Lafleur on that team... No shit, Einstein! You know why the players don't respect the media? Because you're all a bunch of fucking hacks who spew bullshit about them 24/7. If I was one of them I would even look at you, let alone speak to you.

Fuck you, fuck Jean Perron, fuck Réjean Tremblay, fuck everybody. Except Mathias, he's ok.

Have a nice week-end everybody!

Robbie said...

Dear Lawyers,

I wanted to say thank you to all those who offered opinions yesterday on what to do about my and the Mrs. marital problems and potential divorce. I must say some people in here have some strange opinions; Moeman told me to go with porn (is that legal?). Anyways, as a result of my letter to you I got a call from this place called ‘’L’antichambre’’… yeah I know what the fuck does that mean. Anyways I figured what the heck I might as well go down there and meet them. So I arrive and their office and its like a sports memorabilia store with furniture stolen from the Cage Aux Sport. In fact it felt allot like a Cage Aux Sport. These 5 guys are sitting there and they have Newspapers and when I walk in they flash their papers at me with these big bold black font headlines on them. This guy Bertrands said, ‘’je suis pure laine…Mrs. na pas de laine’’ this other guy named Coach had written, ‘’ Mrs. ma appris a lire, apres le sex’’ and this guy named Burgy had written, ‘’J’ai baisser Mrs. dans un chemise des Nordique et elle a aimer ca!’’ Well fuck me cause I don’t understand a word of french so I fired all of them. It didn’t matter they all looked like way past their prime dinosaur windbags.

Anyhow after much consideration and evaluation of all the opinions I received yesterday I have decided to give it one last try with the Mrs. Yes sir were gong to Ottawa this weekend. Were going to see if we can’t salvage this relationship. In fact were going to try some kinky sexual stuff to spice things up. We bought a book called Karmahockeysutra. There are some things called the ‘’PP’’ and ‘’sustained pressure for 3 periods’’ (sounds kinda gross) oh and also these positions called, ‘’throw the body around’’ and ‘’Get in front of the net’’…I never thought of the Mrs. private part as a net (no wait fill it up with…a forget it. But fuck I’ll try anything. Ok well I have to head out to the Drug Store to renew my prescription of Viagra and pick up some Condoms. Condoms you ask? After 100 years together! Well yes i heard a rumour that the Mrs. might have an affair with some Russian guy for a few year here in Montreal. Apparently now he is living in Ottawa. Its supposed to be over between the two of them. Yes it seemed the Russian had the ability to make the Mrs. howl in pure delight on certain nights but would then go like 20 nights and not even be able to get it hard. Shame. Anyways I’m worried that while I’m over a the Casino in Lac Lemay (they have a lake in Ottawa?) wait Lemay isn’t even in Ottawa…I’m fucking confused…that the Mrs might scoot over to this Russians new place called ScotiaBank Centre or some fucking thing like that and take one for the team. If you know what I mean.

Alright, well I’ll fill you in on my final decision about the divorce on Monday. Hope everyone has a good weekend. And hey! Hug (or bang) the one you love or you’ll end up like me and the Mrs.

Yours truly

Given it one last shot in Mtl.

Le Douze said...

@Sleepy -
Yeah, I really liked that from TFS. From a pure "is this sensible?" perspective, it was a bit of a numbskull move, but it showed some real emotion. I think it's good if Carey can stay loose and not get over worked up about stuff, but he needs to maintain his focus - and I think that part of that is that he needs to exude the will to win. He had that for a few games in the fall - the way he tossed away pucks after stops during a couple of shoot outs was masterful. Scares the crap out of the opposition, and bucks up the team. He doesn't need to do that every minute, but showing it now and then will really help his cause.

Habsfan10 said...

@ PPP:

You forgot we have a tag that says "Anything you write in the FHF comments can and will be used against you in a subsequent post", didn't you? Should have insulted the Bruins, my friend.

@ Sleepy:

You'll still be sleepy, believe me. You still have to chase the little urchins around and clean up after them. FYI, if they look like they are going to sneeze the exact second you put a spoonful of mashed banana in their mouth, get out of the way. Had to change for work twice this morning.

L Dude said...

Robbie, wishing you the best of luck with the Mrs this weekend. Rumour has it that Russian guy has been scoring a lot lately with some other chicks, so you should definitely slip a couple of those condoms into her purse. You don't want to catch perestroika or some other strange Russian disease from her.
I think if you look at page 42 of your kamahockeysutra, you'll find a great scoring position, by maintaining deep penetration in the other end. Not sure how the Mrs might feel about that, but it's worth a shot.
I expect her friend from 'some eastern country' will be tagging along. I think you can trust him, but then again he could be some KGBish type of guy. You're probably better off trusting her whale friend. Rumour is he's been seen hugging other guys and hangs out on So you MIGHT feel safer with him, but again, maybe it's all an act to trip you up. Maybe in the end they all want to screw your Mrs.

Good luck.

L Dude said...

Robbie: One more thing. Here's hoping you get to experience a little 'Afternoon Delight' (parody suggestion to moeman - not sure if you 'do requests')

WV: packm. Robbie, packm in there real good!

boob gainey said...

Three worst teams in the NHL: Leafs, Oil, Habs.

Coincidence? I think not.

When Bettman can figure out a way to do it without getting found out, the Sens will stop winning too.

HabsFan29 said...

Jaro 2.0 now out with an upper body injury. maybe we'll get the Subbanator called up! said...

so his development can be screwed up?
is that what we really want?

kevincrumbs said...

I'm thinking that they'll call up Carle.

GoldenGirl11 said...

We have 24 hours. Let's stop speculating and start coming up with useless nicknames.

Orangeman said...

Screw the Habs.

Clara Hughes was just (unofficially) named the flag bearer for Canada. As a cycling fan turned speed skating fan by this very athlete, may I just say "Fuck yeah!". Plus I gotta a thing for red-heads.

Also, I got a new-born niece and having lived all over the place in the world, it makes me all warm and gooey inside to know that in my native land a girl can do shit like this. Even as a dude, I'm so fucking happy to be from Canada.

Ok, back to rooting for losers (I mean that in the most loving way possible). Yeah, yeah. Go Habs...go?

HabsFan29 said...

Clara is a perfect choice. She is a perfect Canadian. God love her.

Habsfan10 said...

According to Clara, she was a pot-smoking, underage drinking, class-skipping hooligan growing up. Sounds like she should be the FHF flagbearer.

L Dude said...

I'm ok with PK coming up for one emergency call-up game. Surely one game can't screw up his psyche.....can it? C'mon, it's Hockey Day in Canada - get him just for some good audio at least.

On to useless nicknames:

How about defense pairings? Why don't they get nicknames?

Gill & O'Byrne - The Twin Towers - because they're tall and don't move.

Markov & Gorges - Oh, I see, because it's too fucking hard.

As I was hurting my brain trying to think of something, I came up with this idea though:
If somebody was to make a movie about Tretiak, would it be called "From Russia with Glove"?

Then I thought, 'clever', but that's probably not an original thought, so I googled it. Sure enough, there's a website with that name. And what's front and center on that page? The Markov/Price saga. Pff.

kevincrumbs said...

I also would like to be on record as being fond of redheads. Sadly, I never felt like I truly cherished my time with them.

HabsFan29 said...

someone needs to link to a Christina Hendricks pic, stat!

L Dude said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
HabsFan29 said...

my sexy friday just went flaccid

fine i'll do the dirty work

moeman said...

@Robbie, seeing as you are staying at/near the casino, take a gamble, set yourself up behind the net and try to score with a nice backdoor move.

@LDude, I take requests. Afternoon Delight was parodied on Jan 3rd and still somewhat à propos.

RiRi said...

Carle is out for the season after getting shoulder surgery.

I guess I wouldn`t mind if Subban was called up for 1 game but he has to go back to the Bulldogs right away so Guy Boucher can undo whatever damage JM has done in 1 game.

Or maybe Weber. Wtv. Subban`s more cheerful and always grinning ear-to-ear and this team gets more depressing by the day so I vote for him!

moeman said...

Damn its cold outside.

Moey said...


I've been home for an hour and I'm still chilled. The wind was friggin' brutal. Time for a hot toddy.

moeman said...

@Moey, "Time for a hot toddy"

I'll be right over.

Le Douze said...

@LD - I'm not sure what to call that D pairing, but I know what its official drink should be.

@29 - how the fuck does Jaro 2.0 wound himself without playing or practicing? was he pretending to be MAB in his driveway and dislocated his ego?

@RiRi - could do with PK's smile, works for me better than BGL's ever did. But ONE GAME ONLY, don't want to spook the poor lad.

HabsFan29 said...

im only drinking Georgi vodka from now on. i don't know why.

Kmaxx said...

Ok - so "Hockey Day in Canada" - does that mean we get Ron McLean on some frozen lake in the middle of nowhre with a bunch of kids - just so we all remember he's a ref? And does Don Cherry get to wear a snowmobile suit with fuckin' glitter on the collar and remind us how we are all a bunch of sissys compared to when he was young? Because if we do, I'll fuckin' puke!

BTW: - Bon weekend Robbie!

Go Habs Go!

Another BTW: Clara's Hot!

L Dude said...

@29: Sorry. That was meant to be deleted long before now.

@moeman: Thanks. Jan 3 may have been during my "Fuck this team, I'm not watching them until March" phase. Or I just don't fucking remember.

@Le12: I'm with 29. If I can find that Vodka, it's getting added to my collection! Nice find.

I actually like redheads and agree that Clara is a)deserving and b)hot. I'm sure she'll do better knowing I feel that way.

Friday night. Can't decide whether to snort some drano or turn on the Leafs/Devils game.

Later. Maybe.

Habs Laughs said...

What a comment by 'comment deleted'

so insightful...we need more of that around here.

Anonymous said...

Caramba, I love fridays... and red heads.

Hockey fucking Day in Canada... Give me a fucking break, like if there was only one day during the year that Canada go's crazy over hockey.

If Mclean & Cherry play pound hockey today, I hope the ice breaks and they drown... Too bad BR doesn't play with them.

Number31 said...

Can I get a go you fucking Habs go? It's that time of year again.

Slippy - for MAB. From Starfox. 'Cause no one likes him and everyone wants Slippy to die. Do a barrel roll!

WV: Frafkse. As in Jacques Martin is frarksed.