Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Morning Skate would like to announce he is giving up watching hockey for Wednesday, January 6th

Well that was one depressing evening. The story of two losses. Canada's soul-crushing loss to the Americans. Habs loss to the Caps, which cannot be described as soul-crushing, as the Habs don't seem to have much soul. We're actually sort of ambivalent about that one. Anyway, we really don't feel like watching hockey anymore.

We must give full credit to our (younger) boys at least for that one. They played hard, they fought hard, and almost provided a miracle with Eberle's two goals in the last couple of minutes to send it to OT. That was quite something, to say the least. Alas, in OT it only takes one shot, and poof, the streak is over. Soul-crushing.

The Habs on the other hand, meh. Horribly outshot again. Severely outplayed. Not much offense generation. Once again, all we have to say is, sigh.

What else is on?


Oleg Petrov said...

In other news, can we start calling Benoit Pouliot "Eggs Benedict"? I think it would cheer things up around here.

L Dude said...

Can we start calling Kristo Monty?
Though slightly better last night, should Laps officially be given the zombie tag?
Can our defense ever beat the opposition to a dump in?
Can they ever learn to flip the puck up and out of the defensive zone (without putting it over the boards)?
With a -2 last night, Mara now -14 on the season. With a full roster, does he sit?

The answer to these and many other puzzling questions in future editions of "The Habs: MEH!"

L Dude said...

You know who needs a goalie. The Oilers. Khabibulin was clearly a mistake. Halak for Eberle.
Too soon?
Maybe we could throw Laraque and Stortini in the deal?

Meh. Whatever. I'm done with the Habs til after the Olympics. These games in hand don't get made up until late March. If they're not doing it (winning and making up ground) now, they're screwed.

See ya in March.

Boob Gainey said...

We now have 21 losses. Only Carolina (23) and Edmonton (21) have more.

Out offence is weak, especially when the other team is in shutdown mode. Our defence is a sieve.

We have no attacking prospects in Hamilton. Not one of the 'Dawg forwards looks like they have a future in the NHL.

We do have a very good defender and a very good goalie down there.

We have no cap space.

J.T. said...

I think the Habs should prorogue their season until after the Olympics...2014. Maybe by then some of Kristo, Leblanc, Subban and whatever lottery pick they get this year will be ready to break the breathtaking pattern of mediocrity we've been witnessing for the last seventeen seasons. Three more and we're officially two decades removed from winning anything. Decades! Ugh. I'm going to Rideau Hall right now with my petition.

wv: noser. The Habs are sure taking a noser dive since the New Year rolled in.

Le Douze said...

@Boob -

on the other hand, we do have the fighter with the sunniest disposition in the NHL!

(always look on the bright side of life).

lehab said...

zombie laps it is! they should all skate zombie laps today. actually his eyes match the zombie tag quite well.

Boob Gainey said...

The Hawk goes to Cooperstown.

gillis said...

we need implants

HabsFan29 said...

+36 gillis

Happy for the Hawk. Pissed about Raines

Le Douze said...

I used to work at the Big O(we) as an usher when Andre and Tim and company were running the bags - speed kills, baby.

That was some exciting baseball. Much more exciting than homers.

Kudos to the Hawk.

HabsFan29 said...

Some idiot voted for David Segui. Hall-worthy! For benchwarming!

Number31 said...


Kristo is known as "The Count".

Aww guys, group hug. You should watch the Bulldogs, then. (Watch, listen on the radio, whatever). They're exciting! They have a real coach! They got a great big Con~boy~! Though Desjardins fucking scares me... (Don't let his numbers fool you...though the Dogs play actual defence to help him).

What else is on... Castle is on Monday.

habsss said...

Funny, I haven't watched any hockey this week, too much work. But I am watching on Thursday so maybe they'll win

Oleg Petrov said...

I've got nicknames on the brain today. Only way to avoid thinking about the actual hockey-related problems of the team right now.

The seafood line?

(Turtle + Squid + Tits, where Tits = = eye-candy = see-food...)