Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Morning Skate is wondering if we're ever gonna see the fucking Habs play again for Wednesday, January 13th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of Megan Fox in her underwear...
  • Phylers beat the Stars, push the Habs out of 8th place;
  • Sens now have the same record as the Habs after their 5th straight loss. We're not sure why the Sens are listed as 8th and we're at 9th. Also, we're not sure why we are obsessing over this in January;
  • Leafs lose, huzzah!
  • Isles 6, Wings 0. Huh?
  • Shutout for Brodeur. Zzzzzzzz;
  • Tampa's offense explodes, beat the Caps 7-4. There must have been some wackiness, because the box score features a "10-Minute Game Misconduct for Leaving the Penalty Box/Bench" penalty;
  • Little Tits is not close to returning;
  • CuJo retires. Uh, good luck, Curtis. We guess.


Boob Gainey said...

Old time hockey in that Tampa - Washington game. Downie about to fight Ovechkin, when a Cap player left the bench intervene.

HabScot said...

"We're not sure why the Sens are listed as 8th and we're at 9th. "

I think because they lead the head-to-head record? The third tiebreaker is
"3. The greater number of points earned in games between the tied clubs. If two clubs are tied, and have not played an equal number of home games against each other, points earned in the first game played in the city that had the extra game shall not be included."

We've played the Sens 3 times:
Home loss on 17 Oct
Road win on 8 Dec
Road loss on 28 Dec

So the first road game is discounted, which gives us two losses and gives them the tiebreak.

moeman said...

Withdrawal symptoms kicking in. Lucky I have GG's breast to fantaSize until tomorrow sans fuckity-fuck game.

Also, Robidas!

inthereds said...

@ Boob... would have been nice to see round 2 of the Ovechkin vs Downie duel. However, kudos to Bradley(?) for jumping in and protecting the franchise. Can't have too many Gordie Howe's in the game, or can you?

Tête CHarée said...

On a tangent....

Could I just give a major fuck you to Stephane Auger, Collin Campbell and that little fucking Napolean wannabe. Fuck their bush league, old-boy bullshit. I've got no love for Burrows or the 'Nucks (nothing really against them either), but I can't really blame the guy for speaking out. Officiating has been going straight to hell throughout the league, and this shit has got to change before these pinstripped douchebags affect the standings.

I get that he can't be fired on hearsay 'bout that, reading a lawyer written blog made me go all legaleze (I need a shower now). However, if all this ultimately leads to Auger's contract not being renewed, then maybe we should consider Burrows for a Masterton trophy for dedication to improving the game.

moeman said...

I hear getting debriefed and showering with lawyers is fun. lg77, can you confirm this?

L Dude said...

Yep, the league is fucked. We all know that. I may be wrong but the $2500 may be the max fine for this? Anyway, my calculations based on Burrows' salary paid over the 82 regular season games and his average ice time show that he earns that $2500 in 1m 47s of actual ice time. He'll be OK.

Auger on the other hand, will have to pay dearly by regularly getting double-plugged by Bettman and Campbell (NTTIAWWT if you're into that sort of thing - except that it's Bettman and Campbell of course).

Boob Gainey said...

The best spin you can put on this is that Auger said something that Burrows misconstrued.

A sport absolutely needs its officials to be impartial. Even hinting that you might be biased is completely unacceptable.

The thing is the NHL long ago ceased being a sport and became an entertainment.

A not very entertaining one at that.

kevincrumbs said...

@Tete: Also adding to the bush leagueness of the NHL is the stupid kerfluffle from the Pens TV crew who didn't send in some video that would've shown a Leafs goal during a goal review. God, I hate those fucking Penguin motherfuckers. Say what you will about the Leafs but at least their fans stick around no matter what. Pittsburgh has always been so front running with their team that it's sad.

Boob Gainey said...

3 days ago the very funny Ottawa Sens blog "Five for Smiting" ran this post asking why the Snes goaltending coach still had a job.

Today, the dude was fired.

Maybe FHF could start throwing its weight around?

HabsFan29 said...

we have weight to throw around?

moeman said...

Um, breasts are not weightless.


(yes, I did just take one for the FHF boys)

moeman said...

jon loo is back.


orangeman said...

For me, the league and the refs lost any sense of impartiality after Saku was given eye surgery via a Hurricane stick at centre ice in the 2002 playoffs with no call. I don't whine about the officiating (normally...), but in Bettman's NHL Canadian teams don't stand a chance against southern US teams. Ok, they have a chance, but they have to work a lot harder to get to the same place.

The thing is, while only 1% of cops are bad, it's the good cops that cover it up out of some misplaced sense of loyalty and honour that make them all look like crooks. Except in the NHL, the bad cops run the show.

moeman said...

I may have fun at his lameness as a Hab but I give kudos to BGL for his words (and soon deeds) for the people of Haiti.

While on the subject, I will also say that, despite not being totally anti-monarchist but in any way pro-really old styles form of government with a monarch at the head, I send my Governor General my best as she represents our country humbly and deals with the devastation in her native country.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Just to add to something that made me proud
Israel sends relief to Haiti

orangeman said...

@GG11: I didn't know you were Haitian!

GoldenGirl11 said...

I'm not. Proud of the Israelis. But I did spend my 40th birthday in Haiti if that counts for anything.