Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Morning Skate is playing around with things for Tuesday, January 12th

OMFG hot chicks on the internetz!!!Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of finally admitting you poked a needle full of 'roids in your ass on a regular basis...
  • Gui! has a hand in all four Wild goals in their 4-3 win over the Pens. Did you know over the last month Gui! leads the league in even strength goals? Fuck you, you big fuckity-fuck;
  • Avs beat the Flames in a SO, thanks to Craig Anderson's (who?) 44 saves;
  • Western powerhouse Nashville (no seriously) beats the Canucks;
  • It's Bob Gainey's Facebook page! Well not really, but an incredible simulation. (lap dances to GG11 and moeman)
So TMS is gonna be playing around with things at FHF over the next couple of days. Update the look a bit. Habs aren't playing for four days straight, we're gonna be fucking bored. We're starting with stretching things out (again) to give GG a little more space. Of course, we've just used the increased width to jam in more Victoria's Secret models. Sorry.


moeman said...

Is that the first shared FHF lap dance> If so, yowsa.

soperman said...

Great picture but the girl on the bottom left is a little "goth". Couldn't you photoshop a tan on her?

kevincrumbs said...

Fucking Gui. Way to go to the net during your time here.

wv: hymentan. Yup.

Boob Gainey said...

This is going to be another John Leclair deal isn't it?

L Dude said...

If we were all babes like GG11, moey, LG77, etc. (am I missing somebody?) I figure here's where we fit into the VS models picture:

Bottom, left to right:
eyebeleaf, Boob, orangeman, LeDouze, Jeff from HK, kevincrumbs, gillis

Top, left to right:
HF10, HF29, LG77, Ldude, moey, HF4, moemean, GG11, HF33 aka Panger, Anonymous

Not much reasoning behind most of it.
eyebeleaf - Leaf fan gets the ugly chick.
Boob - boobs.
orangeman - she looked the orangest

The ladies (11, 77, moey). This is just how I've decided to picture you from now on when reading your comments. Sorry if these models don't do you justice.

Ldude - I wanted between 2 of the ladies and didn't want to be hugging one of the 'guys'.

moeman - thought you should be close to GG11, plus I think of Moe from Simpsons, and your model is a bit scary like him.

Anonymous - kind of blurry.

HF's - sorry guys - just fit you in where there was room.

Back to my ignoring of the Habs til after the Olympics. Ciao.

HabsFan29 said...

according to my ribs, i need a snack

well, most of us do

L Dude said...

29: If (like Tiger), you're a fan of white meat, bend over and take a chunk out of eyebeleaf.

BTW, raise your hand if you didn't realize that Cujo wasn't retired before today.

HabsFan29 said...

wait, CuJo wasn't retired?

kevincrumbs said...

@L Dude: Ha! Well, it's nice to know that if I was a woman, I wouldn't be ugly. Can't say the same about being a man though!

moeman said...

Thnx LDude.

GG, what are you lookin' at?

WV = quiyt as in, when the Habs don't play it sure gets quiyt in here

gillis said...

I'm cute I guess

Number31 said...

It's amazing how many assists you can get when all you need to do is flip a puck in Havlat's general direction.


(Helps that the Pens are in their yearly winter funk).

That's ok. I've warmed to the manapult, Pouliot. I dare say chicken cannon?

gillis said...

Pouliot is now "coq" in my books.

Somebody mentioned this to me the other day, Gui! always played on his off wing in Montreal. Apparently he switched sides when he went to minny. Not sure if thats true though

GoldenGirl11 said...

I'm looking at your store boughts. Mine are real and they're spectacular.

oreangeman said...

L Dude, thanks. Coincidentally, I look just like that model if you were to cut her hair, add 120 lbs, knock a few teeth out, age 10 years and beat with an ugly stick from the Ugly Forest found on the Ugly Planet. Other than that, spittin' image.

moeman said...

Thnx GG, I'm trying to emulate your GorGeous tatas.