Saturday, December 08, 2007

We Miss The Whale: Canes on Ice pops in for our Game Preview and Open Thread

We like traditional game entertainment at FHF. Give us an organ playing the duh-duh-duh-duh...duh-DUH (CHARGE!) thing at the Forum over the multimedia seizure-inducing nightmare at the Bell Centre any day. But one innovation we could get behind is Ice Girls. Like Carolina's Storm Squad. Hot Southern Belles in tight outfits prancing around on ice? Giddyup.

We are pleased to welcome wufpirate from Carolina on Ice for a little cross-posting action today in advance of tonight's tilt. Check out our post over there. Before we get to his goodness, some quick and dirty bullet points for you:
  • 7 PM start at the Bell Centre, on all the usual media outlets (i.e. not HNILeafsNation);
  • Habs have taken 2 of 3 so far this season against the Canes, but counting playoffs Canes have won 8 straight in Montreal (yikes);
  • Not to mention Habs have lost 4 straight at home;
  • Bégin and Smolinski out with injuries;
  • Huet still massaging his groin, so Price is between the stripper poles;
  • After one game, Rhino is god;
  • Rod Brind'amour, age 200, has 31 points;
  • Ryder will be back on Line 4B. We've said a prayer for you Mikey.

And here's a little Canerrific Q & A:

How ya'll doin? Comment allez-vous? I'm wufpirate of Carolina On Ice. Blogging about the Canes and any other hockey relations in the Carolinas, I enjoy watching the circus that is Canada and their hockey teams. When I'm not busy being the world's shittiest photoshopper, you'll find the occasional post about Les Habs. When I asked the FHF if they had any ideas about doing a cross-posting, their reply was: "Dude, I'm not an idea man. I post hot chicks and react! It'll be great!". Fair enough.

FHF: Why are you a Hurricanes fan?
COI: Most people around here didn't know anything about hockey other than the names were hard to pronounce and that its too fucking cold for ice sheets around here (OK, so some still don't know). With UNC, Duke & NC State all within 40 miles of each other - if it wasn't college sports - nobody gave a flying fuck. As the team slowly started getting people to show up for games in Raleigh around the 2001-2002 season, the locals in and around the capital city couldn't help but catch Caniac Fever. I couldn't take myself away from the team during their Cinderella run to the SC Finals that season and have been hooked ever since.

FHF: What do you like/dislike about the Habs?
COI: I like the Molson Bell Centre because the Canes have had some magical moments there. I like when you let Erik Cole enter the arena. Habs fans hate the Leafs & Sabres too. I like how every time a decent goalie joins the team, he's referred to as "The Savior" until he has a bad game - then he's getting poo flung at him as he rides out of town. I like Saku Koivu, a character guy who knows how to say "Kiss My Ass" en Francais. And unlike Montreal probably is right now, I like that its not cold as balls in NC.

Dislike how when Habs fans are in Raleigh getting rowdy and enjoying the tailgates - they can cuss us out in French and we haven't a clue. If we shout, "Hey - Eat shit dickfaces!", the Hab fan can say "Hey, eat it yourselves you Redneck bastards!". I get annoyed hearing the "Ole! Ole! Ole!" after a goal or MON victory - but do enjoy the Bouncing Souls version of that tune.

FHF: Favorite moment as a Canes fan?
COI: All those Stanley Cup victories were awesome back in the day. Oh wait, the Hurricanes, right. Zen is a Carolina Hurricanes tailgate during the playoffs. Overall, my favorite moment (of course) is our SC Championship in 2006 - what made it even more badass was seeing the Edmonton Coilers' fans rioting after Game 6 like they had already won.

FHF: Lowest moment as a Canes fan?
COI: The entire 2003-2004 pre-lockout season. Josef Vasicek was our leading scorer if that tells you anything.

FHF: When you're not following your team, you're...
COI: Traveling with the wifey sampling the world's finer adult beverages or enjoying the beautiful state that is NC.

Thanks for playing wufpirate! Lots of (bad) luck tonight! K everyone, let's hear your dirty thoughts in the comments.


HockeyTownTodd said...

The Wings face the Canes, late Sunday.


I am going to steal your picture of the Puck Bunnies.

Thank you,


My first trip to Carolina on Ice, and I had to add them to my blogroll.
Thanks for that, also.

Dave said...

Canes will have to apply their usual beatdown on the Habs tonight to validate the road trip... because tomorrow (playing the Winged Wheel - 5:00 start) won't be pretty.

Thanks again, dudes.

Vintage HF29 said...

np HTT, am always happy to facilitate the proliferation of ice girls photos around the interwebs

alright enough pre-game hype, let's go! oh right, still 3 hours

Vintage HF29 said...

anytime wufpirate

5 PM start tomorrow? WTF? anyway, Habs could play the Wings at 2 AM with all the Wings drunk we'd still lose, so good luck with that

Senators Lost Cojones said...

Damn, I wish we could tailgate before games. Then again, -30 on a Tuesday night in February would only make the beer the cops haven't confiscated yet, explode.

Welcome Wufpirate. We'll be seeing you on Wednesday. Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm kinda hoping most of your team goes down with catastrophic injuries tonight. No offence.

Chuck said...

I like the idea of the 'Canes Storm Squad, but couldn't they have chosen a few southern belles that look a little more... "mature"? As it is, they look a little to similar to my sister's high school friends, which doesn't really allow me to truly appreciate their work.

Vintage HF29 said...

no no Chuck they're college age! ok, maybe freshman age, but college nonetheless

Anonymous said...

Hockey, Southern Belles and Tailgates - the ultimate Trifecta.

If i weren't for Justin Williams and Erik Cole, the Canes could easily be my back up playoff team.

Chuck said...

Ok habsfan29, I'll take your word for it! And at least they're drinking age in the Great White North.

Wow... after rationalizing it, I suddenly feel a whole lot less grimy!

Love the blog, by the way. It's a daily read for me, and I finally got up the nerve to cozy on up to the strippers and post. :)

Senators Lost Cojones said...

Just remember Chuck, don't cozy up too much. The bouncers around here are a little sensitive to the no-touchy rule.

That said, money can always be exchanged for goods and services.

Dave said...

Justin Williams is to Habs fans


Brooks Orpik is to Canes fans.

Even if their respective incidents may have been unintentional - said person will be booed upon touching the puck in opposing venues.

Chuck said...

SLC, I've never met a no-touch rule that couldn't be circumvented by a brown bill. :)

Now if we could only get a few of the Hab D-men to forget about THEIR no-touch rule!

Chuck said...

Unintentional, wufpirate? Care to review the tape? ;)

Dave said...

Chuck - I knew that was coming! :)

Vintage HF29 said...

alright let's get this show on the road

Vintage HF29 said...


Vintage HF29 said...

im in hell

Dave said...

Erik Cole also knows how to say "kiss my ass" en Francais.

Vintage HF29 said...


i had some hope there for a while

Vintage HF29 said...

this is just... unpleasant

Vintage HF29 said...

you've hit bottom when you make a goalie change to start the 3rd. oh, shit

Vintage HF29 said...

alright, mercy mercy

Dave said...

At least there is always this guy.

Vintage HF29 said...

that's amusing wufpirate but it ain't HOCKEY. that's life and death

congrats for you. blech for us

Anonymous said...

Mr. LG77 and I fucked off for the last 6 minutes of the third period and went to the movies instead.

Best line of the night (from the guy beside us at the game): Don't go see a horror movie, you just saw one!

*warning - another rant ahead*

I bitched about this to Panger, but I'll bitch about it here too - the only Habs who looked comfortable(ish) out there are Rhino and Mad Max. IMHO, it's not just because they're young and eager to prove it was a good idea to call them up (although that certainly helps). The big difference is that they aren't terrified of making a mistake and fucking up Carbo's Holy Defensive System. I see glimmers of what I think he's trying to do when I see the players' positions on breakouts, defensive coverage etc...

... problem is that he has the WRONG FUCKING TEAM in which to play a defensive, pounding style of hockey, tabarnak!! Ca n'a pas d'ostie de bon sens, crisse... At this point, half of the reason for the shit on the ice is that players are getting to the position that they "should" be in according to their playbook, and saying "fuck it, I don't want to be on Coach's shit list, I'm staying where he told me I should be" and not moving into a position to, you know, MAKE A FUCKING PLAY.


Oh, and if he points the finger at Price again, I'm going to go even more ape shit. Some of those goals were weak, true, but it's not because he was crap that we lost. We lost because we allowed ROD FUCKING BRIND'AMOUR (aka Mr. Burns)and ERIC FUCKING COLE (ack, is he Mr. Smithers??) have a clear shot 10 feet from the net, over and fucking over again.

Whatever, I'm wearing my jersey inside out to the next game... if I bother wearing it at all. (I'll keep going to the games - it's like a car wreck, I can't look away now.)

Hey, does this mean that chicken wings at the Cage are double the price until the end of the next Habs game?