Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Esco'byrne Seals Habs Fate: Isles 4 - Colombia 3 (drive-by S/O)

There isn't much to say.

Habs were up with roughly five minutes to go in the game. All seemed well.

The Canadiens then drew a penalty and Carey Price did what goalies do, THEY LEAVE THE NET FOR THE EXTRA ATTACKER.

Then sub-performing defenseman Ryan O'Byrne engaged in a foot race with Doug Weight, who is now in his ninetieth year. Ryan beat dead Weight to the puck and then fired it into his own net, because he wanted to throw it back to Carey. You know, because Carey is this awesomely smooth skating attacker who could glide to the blue line and deliver this perfect outlet pass to one of the forwards waiting to break in alone on Norm Madconald. Oh yeah, I totally see it, amazing idea, NO!, GENIUS!

A Carey in the crease, there wasn't. The puck made its incredulous path towards the gaping net and the game was suddenly tied on the own goal. And Ryan Esco'byrne was born.

Just a quick word for Esco':

Ryan, hola.
Ryan, besa mi culo, puto.
Ryan, baboso, hijo de puta, tu eres más feo que el culo de un mono.
Ryan, hueles a mierda .
Ryan, cago en tu leche.
Chinga usted.


HabsFan29 said...


is anyone gonna mention the Habs played semi-decently for about 55 minutes? No? Carry on then.

fezworth said...

They did indeed. It actually doesn't sound like Rhino is too cut up about it. Things like that *do* happen, and hopefully this is the low point of his season. I'm sure he'll not make that mistake again.

Pension Plan Puppets said...

Is that second to last one supposed to be:

Ryan, I shit in your milk or
Ryan, I shat in your milk?

Also, the last one should be:

Scott in Montreal said...

thing is, fez, at 24, he is still somehow finding every last one of those possible mistakes and making them like a 20-year-old rookie. This guy looks like someone without enough basic smarts to play hockey at this level. He can learn from his mistakes one at a time, but if he can't learn how to think, smarter opponents will find new ways to make him look like a rookie for years to come. Call it Brisebois disease.

HabsFan4 said...

@ ppp: usted is way more polite, and when I invite someone to make love to himself, I want to say it with class.

eyebleaf said...

That was WAY worse than McCabe. WAY WORSE!


Sorry guys.

Ok, I'm done.

J.T. said...

@Scott in Montreal:
That's the problem with college guys. You play three years or four years of college and you get the equivalent of maybe a year's AHL time. So, we have to accept that O'Byrne is 24 in years, but about 20-21 in hockey years. And the longer Fischer, Stejskal, Paquet, McDonagh and Pateryn play college hockey, the longer their pro development will take too.

Who in Christ's name passes it to the GOALIE when under pressure anyway? I think OB might have been slightly impaired during the game last night.

lawyergirl77 said...

Okay, okay, I fucking admit it.

I paid O'B to make that asinine play last night during the 2nd intermission.

See, the Habs were playing *gasp* intelligent and exciting hockey without Mr. LG77 and I there, so I had to do something to jinx it so we wouldn't be forced to forefeit our season's tickets. (see yesterday's game thread)

Mea culpa guys.

Scary thing? This would be the ONLY justifiable excuse for what happened. There are rookie mistakes and then there are LEGEN(wait for it)DARY brain farts that defy explanation. This is the latter, and I'm not sure that O'B will be able to recover, nor do I think he should, quite frankly...

Pension Plan Puppets said...

@HF4: BWAHAHAHA Good explanation.

Panic Mode said...

Even his excuse is brainless.

"I was passing it back to the goalie"?

Who does that?

HabsFan29 said...

soccer players

gillis said...

no habla espanol
but i can say: Ryan O'byrne sucka ballsa... si.

ps. Gorges is my new favorite player on the habs.

HFF33 aka Panger said...

Not that this is a defence because he should have LOOKED before he passed, but it is legit for a defenceman to pass it back to thier goalie. Especially when that goalie is a better puck-mover than the defencemen.

Number31 said...

I really wanted a paper bag for my head that night. I don't think I was the only one... Heard Murray Wilson's call on it this morning though. Made me laugh at least. Oh Rhino...why did they not send you to Hamilton LAST month. (No really, and I don't like his excuse either, and he has made me nervous everytime he's out there since the start of the year. Even Breezer doesn't make me this nervous, and THAT's crazy).

Bryan said...

@JT. since when was he a college guy? im pretty sure he played in the A for a while.