Sunday, November 09, 2008

Your stumbling in at a ridiculous hour review of the Leafs game

What the fuck was that?

Hamr doesn't play and the whole thing falls apart?

We suck.


orangeman said...

Just saw the game over here in Seoul town. What a mess. It was interesting to see what the Habs would look like without any sort of D. Ugly hits, no effort, half assed passes. Is Koivu the only one who cares every single night?

And is Grabs the new Darcy Tucker? The way he was playing, he must really hate his old team (not the scoring, the ugliness of it all). I guess you guys were right, he fits in better with a classless organization.

Two games in a row the Habs looked uninterested. Sorry boys, they don't hand out the Cup after your first 10 games. There's a whole season out there. I'm still on the bandwagon, this is the best team in the East. If they want to be, that is.

I miss Huet. (I've always missed Huet, this game changes nothing).

Rant over.

Number31 said...

Huet couldn't stop anything vs the Leafs. Can barely stop anything these days with the Hawks, too. I don't miss him so much. Maybe we can clone Hamr...

eyebleaf said...

"He fits in better with a classless organization."

LOL. For us Leafs fans, Grabs' success is all the more sweeter because he's a Habs cast off, and because he clearly riles both fans and players alike.

Koivu and "Little Tits" are real tough guys when the guy they want a piece of is their height. Koivu's got a lot to say when a guy is sitting down on the ice, and Kostitsyn had to be held back by the linesman! It was scary stuff. Fucking pussies.

You know what was classless last night? Kostopoulos' hit on Van Ryn. Markov's boarding penalty on Hagman. Koivu's kicking motion at Grabs. Tanguay's slew foot on Schenn. And Andre Kostitsyn's trippage of Schenn into the boards.

Pension Plan Puppets said...

I guess you guys were right, he fits in better with a classless organization.

Based on last night's parade of dirty hits I think he's managed to get on the right side of the class argument.

HabsFan4 said...

I have top give it to PPP. Habs played like a bunch of goons last night.Carbo called it the most embarassing game he's ever coached.
Undisciplined, sloppy, gutless.

Was gonna write a long post. Then I saw 29's, and I said "Yeah, that sounds just about right".

Yvan Cournoyer said...

What is the point of Georges Laraque? He can't skate, pass, or handle the puck. But even worse, he can't hit anyone. He's just too slow.

He doesn't intimidate anyone who won't drop the gloves against him.

orangeman said...

I will be the first (or I guess the 10th) to admit Habs played a classless game on Saturday. No doubt about it. We can argue intents and what the Leafs did but as a Habs fan I was disgusted by the way they played. That ONE game.

Leafs, on the other hand, have a reputation around the league. From top down. I was forced to live deep in Leaf country for many, many years, so I am aware of their tactics and attitude. This is not a shot against their fans, but the management has no respect for anyone/thing, and it shows in their coaches and players. Not to say there aren't/weren't classy guys in the organization, though.

As for Grabs, I didn't like him on the Habs and I certainly don't like him now. I think Leaf fans will learn why soon enough.

But I'll say it again: Horrible game by Montreal on all levels, embarassment. No excuses for that.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Huet wouldn't have won the game for them, I just wanted to give a shout out.

Anonymous said...

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eyebleaf said...

Anonymous, the next time I'm in Montreal I'll be sure to be wearing my Leafs jersey on St. Catherines. I hope you'll be around.

Way to elevate the conversation, douchebag.