Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Morning Skate for Wednesday, November 5th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreami - THANK FUCKING GOD HE WON...
  • Tronna again erases 3-goal deficits, but can't come all the way back and lose to the Canes in OT. P.S., Grabs had two goals;
  • Sens grab an OT win over the Caps;
  • Luongo, shutout, yawn;
  • Brodeur will be out 3-4 months when he has elbow surgery. Seven wins short of St. Patrick's win total, Paddy can still work on his assault plans;
  • As you guys were discussing in the comments yesterday, Habs have six players on the All-Star ballot, tied with the Red Wings for the most. That article says "fans will be able to vote as often as they like." That's gonna be trouble.
Still no game until Friday, no matter how many times I check the schedule. Though starting Friday we manage to cram 13 games in 23 days. Schedule of death, w00t!


Bryan said...

i have brodeur in my hockey pool :(

but luckily i drafted Cam Ward just in case.

fezworth said...

Did you guys hear that Ted Stevens kept his seat in the Senate? I wonder if he'll be allowed to use the series of tubes from behind parallel bars.

panger76 said...


@fezworth: At least Jesse Helms' old seat when Democrat.

Baroque said...

Bullet points for what you missed while dreami - THANK FUCKING GOD HE WON...

You're telling me. I've been sleepy (but happy) all day because I stayed up late to make sure the west coast states gave him enough electoral votes that Florida and Virginia didn't make me nervous enough to puke ... :)

Re: Ted Stevens - The vote is still really, really close, and apparently Alaska is still counting votes from remote towns and there are the absentee ballots left to count as well. It could still flip - but if not, I've read speculation that the Alaska voters are planning on voting for a different Republican in the special election after the felon gets kicked out, of Congress, as they would rather have a different non-convicted Republican instead of a Democrat.

That said - WOOOO!!!! :)

Doogie2K said...

Clearly, we need a Habs vs. Wings starting six. That has to happen.