Monday, March 24, 2008

Enough Already, We Surrender - Senators Game Preview and Open Thread

I really don't know what we can do to change our luck against the Sens. Sens are 5-1 against us this year, and our only win was against a short-handed club, and we still had to hold on for dear life. The last game was a 3-0 pasting in Montreal where we were dominated in every aspect of the game. So that's it, we surrender. Sens are great, Habs suck. We freely admit we are not in your league, mighty Senators. You win. Our speed and power play are no match for your star-studded line-up, Wade Redden and questionable goaltending. We bow down to your brilliance. Have mercy on us.

Did that work? Let's hope. A quick set of bullet points to get you hot and bothered:
  • 7:30 PM start at the Phone Booth. An epic moment in that yours truly and HF33 will be attending the game together. I am drinking already to warm up;
  • Since that 3-0 embarassment, Habs are 3-0-1 and the Sens have lost 2 of 3, including Saturday night to their own kryptonite, the Leafs;
  • Of course, SLC of Five for Smiting and Sherry of Scarlett Ice have all your Sens-ly goodness;
  • Spezza and Heatley playing well, 8 and 7 points respectively in their last 5 games. Big surprise;
  • Kovy and Big Tits looking good lately for the Habs, ever since I questioned them;
  • Ever since I didn't mention it, Habs injuries are piling up. DOOM out 3 weeks with a lower body injury, Gui! day-t0-day with a neck injury. Wow, "neck" is very specific for an NHL roster report;
  • These game previews are obviously more powerful than I thought;
  • And let's end on this: if the Habs win (ha!) we clinch a playoff spot. Double Ha!
So is it wrong to be drinking at noon? Discuss.

UPDATE - Just learned that will finally broadcast games on the Web, starting tonight! That's the good news. The bad news is that it costs $2.99. WTF?


fezworth said...

Motion to Amend: (is that right? I don't know lawyer-y syntax)

That the final bullet point in today's game preview and open thread, pursuant to said thread's opening paragraph, should state unequivocally and without prejudice that the Habs have zero chance of winning tonight, and thereby clinching a playoff spot.

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong to be at un club de danseuses nues at 12pm?

~ moeman

Anonymous said...

The Sport Illustrated Jinx has worn off on your blog.'
As soon as you mention the lack of injuries on the team, the Habs' start dropping like flies.
Can you be more specific next time and mention how healthy Slowinski is looking these days. With any luck, he'll gone for the playoffs too.

laywergirl77 said...

Anonymous - and my God that Breezer is a PARAGON of health and well-being, especially for someone so old and shitty.

*crosses fingers and searches for lead pipe*

Senators Lost Cojones said...

Your reverse psychology has every chance of working beautifully! (See what I did there?)

Seriously, if it helps, I am not feeling very good about our chances at all. Not that that will stop me from dancing naked by the light of the full moon if we win, mind you.

Senators Lost Cojones said...

Oh, and drinking at noon is totally acceptable, especially on game days. Or special occasions. Or board meetings. Wait, what?

Shawn C. said...

There's nothing wrong with drinking at noon! Great blog, I stumbled on it about a month ago, very entertaining! I will be at the game tonight myself (I started drinking at 3 though, so I have a while to catch up!)

HabsFan29 said...

welcome Shawn. thanks to you and SLC for your support of my noontime drinking. and thanks to moeman, next time at noon i move the party to a strip club. awesome.

matt - ftc said...

For RDS, I don't understand why everyone doesn't just order it for $6.99 a month. I live in Ontario and I get every Habs game, plus I know people in Alberta who get RDS and therefore every Habs game the same way I do. You can even cancel RDS in the off-season if you want. It costs close to $6.99 a beer at most strip clubs.

HabsFan29 said...

alright im off to the game! i'll report back on the 4-1 loss later

be excellent to each other

Moose said...

it's 5 o'clock somewhere, right? My captain always says "just wait until it hits double digits and you're off duty." Noon is totally fine!

fezworth said...

W000!! Great work by both Laps & Higgins there. We're probably still going to lose, but this is definitely fun.

fezworth said...

3-0. Good, another two goals and I might start to feel comfortable.

Go Hockey.

Montréaliste1 said...

Wow. Thats for being unfaithful 29...

Mad Max is being a pain in the ass tonight. Ans Saku is relly playing well!

3 lines really making things happen. Hope it will last for more than 20 minutes ! *jinx

CheGordito said...

Hopefully the Habs remember that the Senators have outplayed them most of the season and keep focused.

A five goal lead would be swell,
but I'll settle for less
to crack Ottawa's shell,
and leave 'em a mess.

fezworth said...

The Habs in the Spring
My eyes deceive me once more
The Sens are losing!

fezworth said...

4-1. We must be in the Twilight Zone.

CheGordito said...

Yet another goal
in Emery's hole.
And Spezza looks like a mole.

Bryan said...

go hockey !

baroque said...

Ask and ye shall receive, fezworth.

What a turnaround - so far.

CheGordito said...

Wow! I am impressed beyond any poor rhymes. Grabovski, Kostopoulos, Bouillon and Markov, I salute you.

fezworth said...

Epic victory
The snow rests still on the ground
Yet we'll play in June

Bethany said...

I usually only come over here on Thursdays, but I have to comment on this game. It's kind of spectacular to have a game like this...even though I like the Sens. Oh well, Go Habs.

fezworth said...

Fucking go fucking hockey. Yes.

baroque said...

Is Monday officially haiku night? It seems to be bringing the Canadiens good luck. :)

CheGordito said...

Damn. They've started again,
Those Senator men.
Now we'll see if Fezworth's lead
is all we need.

CheGordito said...

Hah! Had been rhyming to keep my mind active in ad breaks. Not counting syllables.

(But notice that I started again when they scored two goals.)

Price fait les arrets,
et Le Canadien continue a tete.

(not sure that translates as I hope.)

matt - fear the collapse said...

If you can't hold a 6 goal lead in the third late in the season, just fold...

fezworth said...

Fuckity fuck. Wow. Apparently you need 7 goals to put away the Sens.

CheGordito said...

Yes, holding leads seems to be their problem this season! But it's better than tailing and making unlikely 3rd period comebacks.

3 goal lead, 3 goals in 10 minutes, and 10 minutes to go.

Price's rebounds are big tonight..

matt - fear the collapse said...

Mick McGeough, or however you spel his name, can go to hell.

CheGordito said...

And now a penalty. Exactly what the Sens need. But watching them trying the comeback is pretty entertaining - this is the kind of opposition we can expect in playoffs, not weak, folding teams.

A fifth goal by Ottawa
could be deadly.
But the Habs's K's
are the KO medley.

matt - fear the collapse said...

Jesus...this is killing me, get it together boys!

CheGordito said...

So, some rookie mistakes, but generally still very impressive. I've gotten so habituated to watching the Habs fly that when they skate in at a more 'normal' speed they look slow. They still look very dangerous although a few seem a little unsure.

Emery's an ass,
but that too, will pass.

matt - fear the collapse said...

My God...Why the fuck does this have to be a white knuckle game???
A 7-1 lead squandered, fuck me.

Sherry said...


Sherry said...

...or not.

fezworth said...

Great win... however clearly, there's fodder for the pessimists. How in in the name of Jumping Jehosefat did we lost such a lead. Ridiculous. I can understand letting off the gas a bit with a 6-goal lead, but really... that's a bit silly!

CheGordito said...

The same reason Begin was on ice towards the end of the game. It's a learning experience - leads don't mean victory because the other team can still come back. Six goals though, are better than three (Rangers) or five (Montreal's comeback against the Rangers).

But don't count on the lead for the victory. It still takes work.

We had it the easy way tonight!

slightlylessdissapointed said...

Carbos smile at the end of the game said it all.....

don't get too cocky guys, its a good way to learn a lesson. We deserved this win but it would have been much sweeter at 7-1 not 7-5 don't you think?

HabsFan29 said...

i leave the open thread for one night and a poetry slam breaks out. very creative!

well fuck. that 3rd period just wouldn't allow me and 33 to really enjoy ourselves.

but still, playoffs! that's something

lawyergirl77 said...

The poetry slam in here was classic! Kudos to all!

Is it wrong that I'm actually HAPPY with the way this game turned out? Had we kicked their asses 7-1 at the end of it, I don't think we would have learned as valuable a lesson. NEVER. FUCKING. STOP. PLAYING.

I think that the fact that Mick McGeough stopped calling penalties against the guys in white helps us not get too cocky over this game.

That being said - W00T! We chicken winged on their sorry asses!! Yeah!!

And kudos as well to the HLA (wrestling reference) line for getting the game winning goal. Tits Grabs Tits indeed...

Bryan said...

Lesson taught tonight;
Play sixty minutes per game
or win bittersweet.

Learn quickly young Habs;
for play like that in april
angers the Hockey Gods.

To express oneself
in seventeen syllables
is very diffic.

morning skate completely Haiku !