Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Morning Skate for Tuesday, March 25th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of seeing an "x" next to your team's name in the standings. Oh, wait...
  • Yes, it's true, Habs are in the playoffs after a 7-5 win over Ottawa. More later today, asssuming we can see our keyboards after gouging our eyes out during the 3rd period;
  • The Pens lost, giving the Habs some space in the race for first in the East;
  • Edmonton and Colorado both won in their battle for 8th in the West. Jose Theodore with a shutout to lead the Avs.

By reader request
We may show joy with haiku
Habs play in April

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Geoff said...

I live in South Korea and just started a new job that prevents me from watching live streams via the tubes of the internets. Today I was able to watch the first 2 periods of this game via recored justin.tv. It was 7-1 Habs, and I smugly checked the final score on TSN. I almost spit out my watery, yet pennies-a-glass, beer. Wtf?

The new RDS stream doesn't work in Korea, by the way. If I lived in the hockey hotbed of Somolia or the technological hub that is Yemen, then I would be in luck. Or "Liban". Make believe countries are getting this shit, and I'm not!

I guess I have no choice now that the Habs have clinched a playoff berth and will likely seed in the top 2 than to quit my sweet new job. I mean, it's been 15 years. I barely had hair 'down there' when my boys last had a shot at the silver holy grail.