Friday, March 07, 2008

No Fly Zone - Emery Calls Grabovski The Badest Man on Earth - Grabs Tells Team "Nani Nani Fufu"

I often wondered what it would take to make Ray Emery look like Julie Andrews. Maybe coach Murray could cure the Sens ailments by committing the team to a Von Trapp style of play.

Regardless, Habs forward Mikhail Grabovski decided to take his pre-pubescent career to new heights by keeping his two feet firmly planted on the ground. After having been scratched by coach Carbonneau in last night's game in Phoenix, Grabs decided to retaliate by, get this, refusing to take the team's flight to Los Angeles.

In contemplating the Habs' response to this insubordination, I couldn't help but think of this bit of brilliance.

Grabs, you ignorant slut, why don't you take your 74 minutes of NHL experience, your babysitting agent and Muppet Babies pacifier and get ready for the Malakhov fan treatment the fans are going to give you when you get back to Montreal.


The Only Measure of Success is a Cup said...

Nothing dumber than someone who has done "jack" in the game acting like he actually has "game." As Forest Gump would have said, "Stupid is as stupid does."

Senators Lost Cojones said...

Until Grabs hijacks a cessna and forces the team charter off the runway in order to better convey to the pilot that he's an "old fucking fart" who "doesn't know how to fucking drive", Rayzor thinks Grabs is still bush league.

Jesus guys. Is this the best the Habs can do for turmoil?? We need a little help...a little creativity here.