Tuesday, March 25, 2008

PART DEUX: What the Fuck Was That?

Seriously, what the fuck? Can this team not fucking play 60 minutes? I have now witnessed 21,273 people go from ecstasy to fear in an instant. Yours truly was at the top of the list. Sort of like that Rangers comeback in reverse. I missed the last 10 minutes, because my head was buried in my hands. In a matter of minutes, HF33's face went from his swarthy semitic good looks to pale as a pre-painted Easter egg.

How many ways did we suck in the 3rd? So many I won't list them. Let's just say you must, you know, skate and play defense if you decide to go into a defensive shell. If that was a defensive shell. I think it was more like hibernation.

The lone highlight was Price, who, despite giving up a couple of juicy rebounds, helped to kill off a two-man advantage. And as lawyergirl77 said in the thread, at least the young Habs learned a lesson: NEVER. FUCKING. STOP. PLAYING.

That lesson better fucking sink in before Philly, Washington or whoever hands us our asses on a platter in Round One.


WufPirate said...

This picture is definitely going into my library for future usage.

lawyergirl77 said...

That picture is OMG WTF awesome!!

And two shoutouts in the game recaps in the span of a week?? My little heart is all a flutter... ;-)

Seriously, man, I will personally tear them all new ones if they pull that shit again in the playoffs. When people ask me how the game was last night, instead of talking about how frickin' cool it is that we actually clinched the East, all I can talk about is the collapse.

That should go under the heading "you know you're a Habs fan when..."

One group of people who was happy about the third - the Service de police de la ville de Montréal. You know that they were shitting their pants after the second period, thinking "My God, if it's 10-1 the city is going to get torn to shreds!!"

So, I guess the glass is half-full after all... *snort*

Kirsten said...

I agree. What.the.fuck. I'm still happy about the win anyway. Eat shit, Sens, but don't tell Sherry I said that.