Sunday, March 09, 2008

Greek Lightening's Revenge: Habs 5, California Girls 2

The last time I made fun of a team by calling it names was by insisting on referring to the Hurricanes as the Hartford Whalers. And they kicked the Habs' asses in their next game. But fear not, there are no more games against L.A. this year, so we're calling them the California Girls. Take that, City of Angels!

Plan the Parade: Habs win! OK, ok, it was against the NHL's bottom feeder, but a win's a win. (We hear Dean Lombardi already has Steve Stamkos' L.A. jersey ready for him in June.) The win keeps them on top of the Northeast Division and in 2nd place in the conference. Jaro Halak stops 35 shots for his first win of this season. Guimauve scored for the first time in 16 games and added an assist. Hamr added a couple of helpers and Greek Lightening returns to his old stomping ground to rub a little salt in the wound with an empty-netter. DOOM doled out 7 hits and bounced back pretty well from a couple of sub-par games. Of course, lining up against guys named 'Jeff Guiliano' helps.

And now you can exhale: reports are the Grabby managed to catch the bus to Anaheim this time. Enjoy the winters in Vladivostok, Mikhail, because there will be repercussions for your Great Disappearing Act in Phoenix. Just ask your coach.

And last but certainly not least, FHF celebrates the return of Pierre Houde to the RDS play-by-play booth. Not to knock Yvon Pednault's job against Phoenix, but Yvon did radio play-by-play on TV, and we couldn't wait to have Pierre back. As the Wu-Tang Clan suggests, Protect ya neck, Pierre.

The Sky is Falling: Ok, who freaking let Breezer out of the trunk? I though we had an arrangement here, people. Yes, he scored a goal, but that's all a part of his master plan: make himself look competent against the 30th place team so he can earn a roster spot against a good team, where he can wreak the most havoc in the Habs end. Seriously, we're sitting Rhino for him? Back to the youth movement in Anaheim, we pray.

You can still bet the kids' RESP money on Saku being called for an offensive zone penalty at least once a game. Habs faceoff circle woes continue, as the soon-to-be departed UFA Slowinski and Mad Max both win less than 40% of their draws.

Who thought we'd long for the days of Michael Leighton? That sound you hear is a huge sigh of relief from Bob Gainey, because the next two goaltending options for the Habs are Yann Danis and Cedric Desjardins. Yes, that Yann Danis. And when I mentioned this to the other members of FHF this past week, the universal reaction was "Cedric Who?" Well, he played for Patrick Roy, so maybe that's a good thing?

(p.s. in case some of the less die-hard fans have forgotten. Leighton was the dude we picked up at the trade deadline last year and peddled to Carolina at the draft. At least he had one NHL victory to his credit.)

Chez Paree Bound: #1 Halak for making 35 saves and inspiring some needed faith in the Habs' goaltending depth, #2 Guimauve for breaking out of his slump and looking interested, and #3 to Greek Lightening for sticking it to his former employers (not that FHF has any reason to admire that...)

Next Evil Foe: The Formerly Mighty Now Just Regular Strength Ducks of Anaheim, in a few hours. You know, considering they play like the Broad Street Bullies and have generally be responsible for leading the NHL back to its Neanderthal days, we really should have more hate for the Ducks. But Brian Burke is no Bob Clarke, and it's hard to hate a team you see one every three years. We'll hate them because of Teemu and Scotty Niedermayer thinking they were to good for the first half of the NHL season - and by extension, its fans, and by extension, me personally. Dick. Oh, and we don't like Chris Pronger, either: I've been to Edmonton and I've been to Anaheim. Anaheim isn't that much nicer, just more fake boobs - but you're never far from a Hooters in Edmonton!


Montréaliste1 said...

We are changing the time ? Ho, Breezer scored, its that time of the year, you're right.

Baroque said...

Chris Pronger.
Todd Bertuzzi.
Brad May.

You can borrow some of my Duck hate, if you like.

Plus, mallard ducks are the rats of waterfowl. All over the place, interbreed with other native species, generally a nuisance.

Go Canadiens!

Geoff said...

Anaheim isn't that much nicer, just more fake boobs - but you're never far from a Hooters in Edmonton!

LOL - I studied in Edmonton and visited Anaheim once. So true!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch what Paul Maurice said after the Laffs game? He said that 1st place teams get good calls while his team is the victim. He used LA's disallowed goal against the Habs as an example.

So let me get this straight: the league is biased against Canadian teams, except Montreal who gets the calls their way. Like one questionable call made the Habs #1 and the Laffs 12th, or whatever (like I pay attention).

What a joke of an organization. I would say Maurice has offended the intelligence of Leaf fans, but their state of being Leaf fans precludes them from having any intelligence to begin with.

As a disclaimer here, I'd like to say the interference call in LA was a bit bogus. But that didn't hand the game to the Habbies.

Bethany said...

So, is this the game post for Anaheim? Oh well if it's not, normally I'd be having a hard time deciding who to cheer for, because Corey Perry is one of my faves, but with him not playing, I can cheer for my Habs!! WOO!

Bryan said...

ugh corey perry...

he starts so much shit and never finishes it. i wish he was playing so someone could clobber him

msevigny said...

It's true about Anaheim. It's basically one giant parking lot. About the only good thing I can say about it is the fast food is a lot better than Edmonton's (Carls Jr., In-N-Out, etc.).

Anonymous said...

Wow you are so right Anaheim and Edm are alike. especially the weather, I guess that is why both are known as major tourist destinations for business and pleasure.

Good luck Frenchy, you are going to need it tonight.

Bethany said...

I love anonymous comments they're my favorite!!