Friday, March 28, 2008

The Game Day Skate for Friday, March 28th

Bulet points for what you missed while dreaming of inventing sound recording and giving a big F U to Thomas Edison...
  • Leafs faint playoff hopes are... gone. Aw, I feel terrible. Bruins hold on to 8th;
  • Habs slip to East #2 after Pens win in Sid's return;
  • Sens lose as Sabres try to claw back to 8th;
  • Capitals keep up in the race for the 8th spot too;
  • Bruins are to Habs as Devils are to Rangers. 7 straight wins for NY, and catch up to NJ in the standings;
  • Man this is all confusing - just look at the standings will you?

Habs play tonight. Seems like it's been forever. We're gonna have fun in Buffalo! Er, we're in Buffalo.

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lawyergirl77 said...

The only "Awww" I felt this morning when I heard the news about the Laffs was the following:

"Awwww! Now WE can't eliminate them Saturday night..."