Friday, March 07, 2008

The West Coast games are too late, and I don't have RDS anyway: The Bullet Points Game Review

Bullet point review from a guy who crashed into bed exhausted due to work and chasing 16-month old daughter commitments:

  • Your obligatory "frustrated, beaten once again Coyote" reference is above;
  • Price recovers from sunburn on face and red-light burn on neck to make 37 stops;
  • Kovy has three assists, including 500th of career;
  • Koivu scores again, Higgins has two assists ... is line 1B heating up at the right time?
  • Habs back into tie for first in East ... parade marshalls on standby pending results of games vs arguably worst and best teams in league this weekend;
  • HF29 off to Austin to hang out with techie crowd, rather than cruise University of Texas campus for hotties ... sanity being questioned as we speak;
  • Everyone in Canada east of Manitoba curses Mother Nature in advance of ANOTHER F'ING STORM;
  • Neither of those had anything to do with hockey, but warranted mentioning.
  • All forms of hockey logic would point to a Halak sighting vs Kings this weekend. Look for Price to start again as Carbo throws every single coaching convention out the window.

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HabsFan29 said...

plenty of UT hotties out on 6th street tonight. woohoo!