Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Final Word: The Right Thing To Do

Blessed are those who do not see a mistake as a mistake. It is hard not to see your own mistake. Outwardly you may justify yourself or try to prove your innoncence to someone else, but a mistake pricks the conscience. Do not justify yourself. Instead, feel the prick of the mistake. That very pinch will take you out of the mistake.

- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

What has come to mind of late, and what refuses to erase itself is that while the FHF has no qualms about its Ten Things I Hate series, the email sent by the Blueshirt Bulletin was in fact a private message. It should not have been posted on our site. While I do feel that Dubi's words were too strong for what our post was trying to accomplish, they should have remained in my inbox, and mine alone.

As has already been related by way of email last week, I apologise for any harm this mail may have caused our fellow blogger in New York. This will be the final, final word from the FHF on this. Now Dubi, come to Montreal for a game and a beer.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that peace has been restored in the world of hockey blogging. I would like to pointout though the double standard of you saying how the habs played within the system, yet blaming the rangers for the demise of the league. Were the rangers not as well playing within the rules of their system? best of luck to your blog in the future. I've always been a secondary fan of the habs having french canadian heritage so....

Prospect Park said...

I too am glad to see you stand up and put an end to this nonsense. Good for you to do the right thing and put the flames out.

Now good luck in 78 of your games this season because you guys according to your own captain are not cup favorites.

The other 4 games are when the Rangers whip your sorry butts LOL

Anonymous said...

WTF is a HABS?

I was so happy to see you girls behind me crying when we beat you last March. Your team played great down the stretch..HA