Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"How Do You Spell Your Last Name?", Said the Officer to the Bouwmeester

Jay Bouwmeester took a page out of the Lohan memoirs and got himself arrested on August 12, 2007 for DUI.

He has now pleaded guilty to attending the Lohan-Hilton-Spears Driving School charges. Pleading guilty, the ultimate "Ok, I fucked up" reaction to your lawyers bluntly telling you "Ok, you fucked up".

Why is the league so tolerant of drunk driving? It's conduct that warrants harsh sanctions, suspensions, whatever is necessary to not make it look like driving a vehicle while tanked is akin to hand-in-the-cookie-jar antics. We've gotten so used to players getting arrested after a night on the town that we'll only react to the severity of the gesture once a player actually runs over another human being. Meanwhile, the NHL & Co. will continue saying, take the car home, but make sure you don't kill anybody and show up late to practice tomorrow morning, because your team will fine you if you're late.

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