Saturday, September 08, 2007

Happy Birthday HF29!

A little gift to HF29 from the rest of us here at FHF. We bet this will serve you well tonight. Chez Paree has been warned.


HabsFan33 said...

we posted the same thing at the same time!!! We're like totally friends for life!


Senators Lost Cojones said...

OMG! That's like so totally cool! Personally, I like HF33's pic more, but what-EVAH! Happy B-Day, HF29! Do the Blueshirts proud.


HabsFan29 said...

All these birthday wishes have me ferklempt. Thanks everyone!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a great birthday HF29. No blogging id yet so I'll stick with DJ

By the way, Viggo Mortensen was wearing a Habs shirt in Toronto at the film festival!