Saturday, September 22, 2007

No Sex in the Champagne Room: The FHF Season Preview Presents Carey Price

FHF, in conjunction with Telefilm Canada and StripperCorp, is pleased to offer our Habs season preview with no cover charge. For FHF virgins, you may want to review our trademarked Stripperriffic Rating System before tipping the bouncer.

Carey Price comes to town with more hype than a Star Wars prequel. Let's pray we avoid that kind of fiasco again. Anyhow, here's FHF's 'much anticipated' well-balanced, hype-free Carey Price preview.

The tits Potential franchise starting goaltender. He has all the tools: size, reflexes, fundamentals, character, commitment, competitiveness. He's probably the Hab's best puckhandling 'tender right now. He already has an impressive resume, especially at the international level, between the WJC and Under-18 and below tourneys. Look at what he won just in the past year: Calder Cup (AHL Championship), Jack Butterfield Trophy (Calder Cup playoffs MVP) , Goaltender of the Year (Canadian Major Junior), Del Wilson Trophy (WHL Top Goaltender), WHL West First All-Star Team, Men's Jr Hockey Championship, Tournament MVP and Top Goaltender. Wow.

His commitment has been well documented (i.e. his dad flying him to his games as a youngster). He was cut from Canada's WJC team in '06, and came back with a dominant performance the following year. He's played regularly on a weak Tri-City Americans team, which is good - he faced more shots and challenges (just like Patrick Roy with the Granby Bisons.)

There is every reason to believe he will: soon be mentioned as a top young NHL goalie, like Ryan Miller, 'King Henrik' Lundqvist or MA Fleury; one day be considered one of the best NHL goaltenders along with the Luongos, Kiprussofs and Turcos; and perhaps in the future compared to Roy/Hasek/Brodeur/Fuhr/Dryden/Sawchuk/etc.

(OK., a little hype. But we'll balance out soon, I promise.)

The cellulite
– Only two things I can think of, and neither is in his control: he's only just recently turned 20 freakin' years old; and none of things mentioned earlier has been either proven or achieved at the NHL level.


The armpit hair – Jimmy Waite was Tourny MVP and Top Goalie in the WJC. Theo (and Halak) won Top Goalie honours there. Trevor Kidd was a top 10 pick, and was rated 5th in his draft year by The Hockey News. Joclyn Thi-bad was a top 10 pick and was rushed to the NHL as an 18 year old. Other top 10 busts: Jamie Storr, Brian Finley and Dan Blackburn. Similarities in name between One Hit Wonder Jim Carey and Carey Price? Ok now I'm reaching.

Plus, "Price is Right" jokes for the indefinite future. Do we yet have the power to start a blanket demand on all media outlets to put a moratorium on this phase? Who's with me people??

In terms of his impact this season, some perspective needs to be kept: it takes goalies a few years to develop to the point they can dominate at the NHL level. Look at Ryan Miller. Even 1 Overall pick M-A Fleury had a full season in the minors, then a split AHL/NHL season, before arriving full time in the NHL at 22. For those of you non- accountants at home, that's 2 full seasons away for Mr. Price. And look at Justin Pogge: he dominated the WJC, spend an entire year in the AHL last year and doesn't seem to even be in the mix for a spot in T.O., although the Leafs do think they have co-No.1's (we'll see).

In the VIP Room – I admit this is minor and and I don't want to sound like the hateful gossip-mongers at 110%, should there be some concern over the way Carbo seems to be playing mind games with this kid? There was no problem early, as Coach Carbs stated what had to be obvious - a player with the potential of Price has to play and start, so he either has to be the starter in the NHL or (more likely) in the AHL. He'll give him a chance, and if he blows the doors off the competition in training amp, then we'll see.

But after a so-so 1/2 game against the Pens, and an unremarkable game last night (again not really in his control, as the Isles failed to generate much offense), he certainly hasn't stood out against Huet - or even Dannis. But after making comments to the media about how there was a huge difference between junior and the AHL and between the AHL and the NHL, and how last year Price basically won everything and so he hasn't faced much adversity yet, it already sounded like Carbo wanted to deflate his young goalie's ego a bit. And instead of saying something vague like "he's young, he has lots of time to develop," Carbo said on Thursday "no one has stood out" and sends Price to practice with the players headed to the AHL. A bit of a slap to the face if you said you'd give him a shot, plus he's not exactly encouraging the kid early on.

But maybe the coach spoke to his young prodigy privately. Maybe he was playing him with the AHL players so he's see more ice time, or perhaps could get more personal attention from Rollie Melanson. Maybe Carey's ego needed deflating (although there have been no such reports in the media, who nows if something else goes on in the locker room.)

Chez Parée bound? - Oh hell yeah - perhaps not on a regular basis this season, though.

6.5 lap dances – We're talking this season, and I can't give a guy who only has an outside shot at an NHL roster spot any higher. And it's not like he has been dominate when he's been given a chance.


4 AM Smoked Meat Sandwich:

HF10 - The great bleu blanc et rouge hope. I wondered about taking a goalie at 5th overall until I saw what everyone else saw at the WJC and in the AHL. Holy hell, this kid is good. Finally, a contender rather than pretender for the throne.

HF33 - One more stupid "Price is Right" analogy and I'm going to tear the fucking office walls apart.

HF29 - I feel like if I say something good, I'll just jinx him. So let's say he will implode under the Montreal media pressure and end up hanging out with David Wilkie and Terry Ryan.


Sherry said...

Plus, "Price is Right" jokes for the indefinite future. Do we yet have the power to start a blanket demand on all media outlets to put a moratorium on this phase? Who's with me people??

I live in Hamilton and he was there for maybe two days before those signs came out fast and furious. I gave up counting how many there were when I reached double digits.

Jordi said...

I probably can't say much about Price because I freaking love him too much. If anyone gets a restraining order because of him, it's probably me.

I said...

I'd lick his arm hair after a game--one-hit wonder or not!