Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Morning Skate for The Day After HF29's Birthday - Special Hangover / Stripper Smell Edition

Bullet points for what you missed while sleeping with a nasty headache, a blechy stomach, and that very distinctive stripper perfume smell on your hands (what is that anyway?)...
  • Rookie camp begins! But of course, in this town, the more important story is the Danny Brière 1st line story from la Presse. Habs Prez Pierre Boiving says the alleged Brière's agent - Bob conversation was total bullshit (here's the RDS video - even if you don't speak French you can tell Pierre is pissed). TMS agrees with commentor Stephan who said "I believe the French media to be the most unreliable source of hockey info in the world";
  • The pathetic part of the la Presse business is there is no report anywhere of WTF actually happened to the rookies. Though Pat Hickey has a good feature on Carey Price;
  • The "Super" Series comes to a merciful end tonight. Last chance for a Kyle Turris' mom sighting;
  • And to prove hockey fans don't live in a sports bubble, THE NFL SEASON OPENS TODAY!!! WOOHOO!!! (yeah I know there was a game Thursday, but the NFL is played on SUNDAYS, dammit) Be sure to follow along at Deadspin where the KSK Gay Mafia are bringing the boobies and dick jokes all weekend. Killer funny NFL previews to get you revved up include Big Daddy Drew's Thursday Afternoon NFL Dick Joke Jamboroo and Matt Ufford's The Prelude.

K we're off to the couch for SUNDAY NFL COUNTDOWN hosted by none other than You're With Me, Leather. Please, no phone calls to TMS on Sundays for the next 21 weeks.


Matt D said...

Even more unreliable than the Russian media?

Remember in Russian there's a word for 'a false story intentionally planted in the papers in order to stir up shit.'

But yeah, La Presse is pretty evil.

HabsFan29 said...

Hmm Matt you may have a point. In Russia, the planting of false info is the rule rather than the exception

HabsFan33 said...

Guys, Kovy was misquoted, we all know that. He didn't say Carbo was anti-Russian, he called him a Nazi.

Stephan said...

I was mis-quoted by FHF. What I said was "After Russia, I believe the French media to be the most unreliable source of hockey info in the world".

Now I know how Kovy feels...