Monday, September 17, 2007

HABS ON THE ICE!!! Live(-ish) Game Blogging 5 - The Random Notes and Summary Thread

Let's throw this evening's random notes from the game into one thread, shall we? (FHF is still working out some kinks here). From the 1st period:

  • Kyle Chipchura looked good. AND he handled the end of period interview with class and style. He would make any NHL roster most likely, except the Habs and their "no rookies unless they're francophone" policy;
  • Admission time - I'm not paying 100% atttention here. I had a few drinks after work, and the season premiere of Prison Break is on. I need to get a PVR and/or quit drinking before the season starts. Yeah, right on that second part.

And the 2nd period:

  • Kostitsyn (A.) from Kovy (!) and Crosby's goal have the game at 1-1. Sid doing his RDS interview in English, not French and I find that weird, he speaks fine French;
  • The name I heard most often in the 2nd for the Habs was Corey Locke. I'm not kidding, played with energy;
  • Prison Break was awesome.

After the 3rd period:

  • A Crosby-started tic-tac-toe on the PP made it 2-2, and we are off to OT! In the pre-season? Really? We can't just have a tie?
  • Injury report - Habs D Mathieu Carle and Andrew Archer went out, never to return. Maybe Panger can tell me who Andrew Archer is.

And after OT the game is over.

  • WOW. Best pre-season OT I have ever seen (whatever that means). It was late regular-season intense, coming to a crescendo with a Komisarek-Crosby shoving-spearing-cross-checking match in front of the Habs net on the PP, leading to a bunch of penalties and 3 on 3 hockey for the last 40 seconds, leaving Kovy the room to skate with the puck and bury the winner off the inside of both goal posts. Alex the Enigma, 1G 2A in a 3-2 OT win, is your #1 star.

And this experiment in non-linear live(-ish) game blogging comes to a merciful end. Catch any of the game? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments, and we'll put a pre-season win in perspective in the AM.


Bryan said...

a lot of people on the habs forum (including myself) foresee a great season by #27.

Jordi said...

I spent a lot of time standing in front of the library IT desk at university, hoping to get my radio stream up and running. When I heard a teeny bit of sound I dashed right into the class I was late for and sat back hoping to enjoy the game. Except it didn't work. So I spent my preseason game doing the usual - refreshing the boxscore.

About Dannis, I think he's going to suffer the cruel fat

e of "decent, but never good enough". To me it's a little premature to already call Kovalev's season. Inconsistency is his favourite game - next to hockey of course.

HabsFan33 said...

That's right Jordi. Because Kovalev had a great game last night (and he really did, his hands and feet were light years ahead of everybody else) means that we won't see that kind of performance until December.

Anonymous said...

The move he put on Sykora was siiiiick.