Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Morning Skate for Wednesday, September 5th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of winning the Stanley Cup thanks to an illegal stick...
  • Canada clinches the "Super" Series with an 8-1 drubbing of Russia last night. Woohoo, I guess;
  • All sorts of nuggets from the Habs Annual Charity Golf Tournament yesterday (RDS' video report). Saku's comments about the Habs not winning the Cup (duh!) were of course front and center, George Gillette says he really felt Brière was coming here (doh!), Tom Kostopolous speaks French (wow!), the team modeled the new unis (sharp!), and The Breezer is looking forward, not back [BOOOOOOO (sorry, just practising)];
  • Former Habs captain Pierre Turgeon is set to announce his retirement today. I didn't even know he was still playing considering all his injuries last year. But a classy guy nonetheless, we have good memories of him.

FHF is really getting psyched for the season. We're hunkering down with our in-house strippers to work on our big season preview which will be awesome I'm sure, if not stained with beer and Purel hand sanitizer.

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Anonymous said...

Who cares,

WHAT is that furry thing getting it on with Bobby G at the top of your page?

Fags, but thats OK in Montreal...

Hey Fuzzy how about tossin my salad?