Monday, September 24, 2007

Habs Chop Off Some Parts

So the Habs made a huge round of cuts today before they head up to the glory that is the St Jovite - Mont Tremblant region with its many bars and strip clubs that have their own rules.

Those who have been unceremoniously dumped like a 20 dollar hooker include Yann Danis, Sergei Tits, HF29 favourite Matt D'Agostini, Corey Locke, Jonathan Ferland, J-P Coté (he's still around???), and Duncan Milroy. Danis, Locke and Milroy all have to clear waivers before going to Steeltown. We're losing at least one of them.

There are 27 players left. Survivors of today's cuts include youngsters Kyle Chipchura, Ryan O'Byrne, and Mikhail Grabovski. I will drop dead if Chips or O'Byrne actually make the big club. They are anglo rookies! It can't happen!

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