Wednesday, October 22, 2008

City of Tampa vs Philly Preview

We are pleased to bring you an exclusive FHF preview of the big Philly-Tampa series starting tonight. For Tampa, we really like Marty St. Louis. Great offense. Philly is struggling coming in but that Danny Brière kid can play.

Wait, what?

Oh, baseball. Carry on then.


wrap around curl said...

Stop haunting me, Milano!

melly said...

What WAC said.

So "glad" to see La Milano's baseball-swag-for-girls is just as skankily lame as her hockey line.

Number31 said...

7-6! Flyers just lost in a shootout to the Sharks. Ouchies?

What's baseball...? No Expos, I don't care. Wait, even then I didn't care. Save for Youppi.

Beta169 said...

Youppi - already sporting an awesome playoff beard!

fezworth said...

Fuck baseball. Where are the cricket babes?

Doogie2K said...

No cricket babes, but lots of "football" babes at

(And yes, that's NSFW. Titty alert.)