Sunday, October 19, 2008

Plan The Parade: Habs still technically unbeaten after 4-1 win over Jets

Remember when there was a reason to visit Winnipeg? I like Scottsdale in February better anyway.

Plan the parade - TFS(tm) was fantastic, again. It would have been a closer game had he not been spectacular late in the first period. The Guay-Tender-Saks line was on fire again, thoroughly dominating on several shifts, with poonTang leading the way with a pair of goals. Markov finished the game tied for the league lead in assists. But let's be realistic here: the Habs were not playing a Cup contender in the Team Formerly Known As The Winnipeg Jets, and as often as not the Yotes made them look better than they were. You gotta love that Turis kid though (not to mention his Milf mom).

Observations that theoretically go under "Plan the Parade", but seem more like signs of the apocalypse: both Tenderness and Breezer had pretty good games. Maybe Benoit Brunet's constant sucking up is boosting their egos. Hey - whatever makes them not suck.

The sky is falling - Big Tits getting his bell rung - and we're betting he can still hear ringing today. We're also guessing Little Tits has a surrise for Kurt Sauer next time he starts his car. We joke because Big Tits is supposedly feeling much better, may get held out of Monday's lineup only because the Habs don't play again until next Saturday. (Man I hope I didn't just link to a story that RDS broke by sneaking a reporter into Big Tits' hosptial room disguised as an orderly at 5am.) As good as Captain K has been, he's not even the leading scorer in his own gene pool, as little (well, younger) brother Mikko has started the season off with a bang as well.

Chez Parée bound? Price surely, even though I'm always going to let the goalies in. The Guay-Tender-Saks line in for sure, LaRack for trying to extract a pound of flesh from Sauer, and Kosto for doing so. The Habs reportedly invited the Coyotes to join them, but they declined since it was past most of their bedtimes.

In the VIP room - While the Habs didn't play 60 full minutes, they played most of the three periods and when they didn't feel like skating they had Carey to bail them out. However, if the Dance a Dix line doesn't show up soon (we're assuming with either Little Tits or Higgins in Big Tits' spot), I'll start to worry. Offensively Pleks still haven't shown up, and on the backend too often Rhino makes things interesting when they shouldn't. DOOM also seems just a little off his game as well. The longer Breezer goes with out a bone-head play that costs us a goal, the closer he is to his next one.

Next somewhat evil foe, we supppose - the Florida Tabby-Cats visit on Monday. Look for HF29's Game Preview tomorrow.


HabsFan29 said...

portage and main. party in Winnipeg!

seriously, where is Pleks??

Beta169 said...

It should have been a shutout last night. Price is a merciful man-child though, allowing his cousin Shane a goal. The game was in no way in doubt at that point, so TFS gave Doan what amounts to an "I Tried" ribbon, a small consolation goal for having to be captain/babysitter of the Yotes.

Anonymous said...

sorry to be a douche but what is TFS

Beta169 said...

TFS = The Franchise Savior = Carey Price

Montréaliste1 said...


Wow Panger, that is epic.

moeman said...

Imagine when niceRack gets a real fight under his belt.

Go switching helmets!

Go Pants!!

Go Habs!!!