Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A hot Russian chick with tits talks about something

Lap dance to Robert of Eyes on the Prize (oh Robert, where art thou?) who pointed us to the awesome video (via Greatest Hockey Legends) of Marina Orlova (star of the brilliantly hot and wordy Hot For Words site) explaining the origin of the term "hat trick." At leaast I think that's what she's talking about, I'm too blinded by cleavage.

UPDATE - thanks to GoHabsGo11 for pointing us to Eyes on the Prize's new URL. Whew, thank god he's OK.


GoHabsGo11 said...

Hey guys, I've been in eyes on the prize withdrawal. I guess he moved here said he had problems with the old url

Keep up the good work and the clevage

Anonymous said...

The "balls" thing is nice. Can we send her to the US for VP?

Russian Girls said...

That Russian girl is very beautiful and pretty...

anastacia said...

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