Monday, October 13, 2008

The Game Day Skate for Monday, October 13th - Giving some thanks

Hey ho all you crazy kids out there. TMS popping in for a few minutes on this glorious Thanksgiving Monday (glorious cause we're not working) to give you some updates. There are no updates. Who gives a fuck? Enjoy your day off, end it with us tonight watching the Habs play in Philly. Here are some things TMS is thankful for, in handy bullet point form:
  • Meth;
  • Tangy's 4-point night, immediately shutting me up;
  • A seemingly awesome goaltending duo;
  • Jim Hughson doing CBC Habs games instead of the old guy;
  • The hard-working single mothers and students toiling away in Montreal's adult entertainment establishments;
  • Little Tits. OK, Big Tits too;
  • The big beer cans they are now selling in the Bell Centre;
  • HF4, HF10, and Panger. You guys rule;
  • Our seven faithful readers. You guys make it all worth it.
What are you thankful for? Our American readers may wait until the third Thursday in November to answer.


SkyKing said...

7 readers? You have to be kidding....your blog is awesome....


the 5th Habs fan from TO (sadly)

moeman said...

I'm thankful for pants. So are my neighbours.

One of the Samurai.

Go Habs!

Kirsten said...

I'm thankful that Thanksgiving is on a Thursday so I can get two days off of school instead of one.

Joe said...

That was heart-warming. That's not why I come here...

copyranter said...

I'm thankful I finally found your blog. It's tough being a diehard fan in NYC. It's all "King Henrik this" and "King Henrik that." No I'm not from Montreal or even's a long story. I'll be posting 2-3 times a week this season at:

eyebleaf said...

I'm thankful that the league finally did away with the division-heavy schedule. That way we don't have to play you fuckers, and get absolutely raped by that power play, seven more times!

Seth said...

Wow, are you guys trying to make me miss being in Canada even more today?

Damion said...

Happy Thanksgiving from the canucks in NYC who still have to work today. I do have reasons to be thankful, however. My amazing wife celebrated our 1st anniversary by giving me 2 behind the bench tiks to the Habs-Rangers game in January! And, she bought them even though she's not sure she can make it! I was floored. I am floored. My wife is the greatest human on the planet.

hmanpuckfan said...
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Number31 said...

I'm thankful for many is definitely not the Flyers.

hmanpuckfan said...

I am thankful for the FHF blog/web site. It is THE daily laugh out loud read that everyone must see! (Suckup complete!)
I'd really be thankful if I were a cable guy so I could get blown for a $12 a month upgrade to see the NHL Network. Totally worth it!!!

Go Hockey! Go Pants! Go Habs! Go Sharks!

Anonymous said...

I think Laraque's nickname should be:

"That really fuckin huge guy who is actually ok and didn't beat the shit out of me when I chatted up his girlfriend while he was in the Can, but he could of"



Trips off the tongue.


Ian Vitro said...

I'm thankful for 2, potentially 3 scoring lines. And RJ Umberger no longer playing for the Flyers.

Oh, yeah, I'm thankful for snarky Habs blogs, too.

And folk heroes. Go Halak go.

Doogie2K said...

I'm confused by what the fuck happened to Eyes on the Prize. Anyone else getting a blank blog?

HabsFan4 said...


Jeff that was just too good.

I want to be you, even if only for a brief moment. Let me be you.

HabsFan29 said...

@Doogie2K - re EOTP, i see a blank blog too. weird.