Wednesday, October 01, 2008

"This season may be Montreal's best chance to make a run for a championship" - TSN

Even though we've (finally!) started our own preview, we thought we should do one last review the previews. Here's the "biggie", TSN.

As part of their "30 Teams in 30 Days " series, TSN finally got around to Nos Glorieux yesterday. We would say it's actually quite accurate. It does a good job pointing out the negatives, like how will the loss of Streit may hurt the PP, will Kovy drop off (they say he won't), and all the impending UFA's and RFA's. There's also plenty of praise, for the offense, for the goalies, for the moves, for Gainey's stockpiling of young talent. We want to be critical, but fuck, we gotta admit on occasion TSN knows its hockey. Until they delude themselves that the Leafs are good.

Speaking of the Leaves, we are embarassed to say we've been blogging for the enemy, if you're looking for some, you know, actual original material from us. We feel dirty.

Lap dance to Robert at EOTP for the photo. Man we love us some black and white.


HabsFan29 said...

I can't believe I went to the game and Breezer was the first star. kill me

but a fine game. Jaro make manee saves.

fezworth said...

I had an inner-tube water polo game, I missed the habs... but open up later and.. -jaw hits floor-


Fear the (imminent) Collapse. What if Carbo decides Breezer can do that twice?