Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Weekend Open Thread of Love Dies an Early Death

Next weekend the Habs will be playing games that matter, and we guess we'll get back to, you know, actually previewing and reviewing games. So the weekend open thread of love dies after a mere two weeks. But damn, we had fun searching for pictures for those two weeks.

Lots going on this weekend for your comments. HOLY FUCK THE SEASON STARTS TODAY!!! If a season starts in Europe, does anyone hear it? Shit we think we used that joke last year. Pens take on the Sens in Stockholm while Rangers and Lightning go at it in Prague, and that one is on RDS starting around noon. Can't seem to find Pens-Sens on TV, in Canada at least. UPDATE: We stand corrected, anonymous tells us both games are on CBC. Wait, CBC shows hockey now?

Also on tap is the Habs' final pre-season game tonight against the Wild at the Phone Booth. It's on RDS, so we'll probably be around watching and commenting.

And feel free to discuss any non-hockey topics. OJ Simpson is GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY. Ah, beat a murder rap only to get caught on robbery and kidnappng. Putz. The Impact suddenly can't lose at the right time. We'll even welcome baseball playoff comments, but we won't respond, 'cause baseball sucks. Well, only since Jeffrey Loria.

Let's hear your dirty thoughts in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Both games today are on CBC, and Pens-Sens tomorrow is too. (At least - I don't think Ragners/Bolts is.)

HabsFan29 said...

thanks anon! post updated

Bob said...

The weekend open thread of love should have started may 4th.

Bolts @ NYR and Sens @ Pens will both be on RDS sunday (1200/1400).
With the NFL games also going on, it would be a great day for a Tupperware party for all the Ms HF.

It's a start Bolts @ NYR just underway.

HabsFan29 said...

not enough advertising on the ice. it's Europe dammit. and the ice seems NHL size not Euro. and what is this "NHL premiere" crap?

whoops, forgot it was the weekend thread of love. go hockey

Senators Lost Cojones said...

Oh. My. Heavens. I'm..uh..just going to copy that pic, I'll be right back.


Number31 said...

Something in the water here. The Impact are winning, the Als are winning, the Habs seem to be winning. I'm shocked. Too bad the Expos aren't around anymore. Bet they'd be winning something too, for once.

Going to the game tonight though! But Patches and Chips aren't playing :(

HabsFan29 said...

@number31 - good job on the Als jinx. yeesh, Hamilton

ooh look hockey! I love Lang killing penalties

HabsFan29 said...

what a shot by Gsborik. wow

Im thinking Benoit Brunet needs to learn to put the"colour" in "colour man." he's putting me to sleep. not sure if i can last a whole season of this

great the time it took me to comment this Wild score again. fans are booing. nice

HabsFan29 said...

well this game was a total waste of time

fear the collapse people. the fans are booing already

ooh end of game useless fight. that was entertaining at least

Number31 said...

Only people who came tonight to play (besides the Wild) were:

Carey Price
Maxim Lapierre
Tom Kostopoulos
Steve Begin (a bit)

Seriously, guys? Defense was where? Offense can't shoot? Bulldogs were playing better.

Price rolling his eyes after that first flurry of close-ranged saves said it all.

Doogie2K said...

Really, the Als are kind of winning in what's effectively a step above beer-league. I mean, Winnipeg is second at 5-9, for fuck's sake. Have fun in that crossover, Bombers.

Also, undefeated in Champions' League competition? We're awesome.