Monday, June 22, 2009

Better Know a Molson Brother: Geoffrey

Geoffrey (right) with wife Kate and Habs Prez Pierre Boivin.

Welcome our new swill-producing overlords! In an effort to get to know the Habs new owners (pending league approval), FHF is pleased to present our three-part series Better Know a Molson Brother. Today: Geoffrey.

Name: Geoffrey E. Molson, aka "Geoff" aka "the good-looking brother." You'll know why when you see photos of the other two.

Current Molson position: Vice-President Marketing of Molson Canada and member of the Board of Directors of Molson Coors. Also serves as Molson Coors' rep on the Habs' Board.

Favourite Molson product: Heineken. This guy is class. Think he's drinking any actual Molson crap?

Family line: Great great great great grandson of Molson Breweries founder John Molson.

Bio: At age 38, Geoff has done more than you. He played hockey at St Lawrence University and went on to get his MBA from the Babson School of Business. He then worked at Coca-Cola and CSC Consulting before being forced at gunpoint to join the family business in 1999. He has climbed the ranks, working as a director and in several Vice-President positions. There was no nepotism involved. He is active with numerous charities including St Mary's Hospital. He has four kids.

Fun facts: His wife is from Boston, thus destroying the old hockey axiom not to date within the division. Loves puppies and the History Channel. Once got drunk at a charity function (on 30-year old scotch) and jumped on the bar screaming "Sig heil, Herr Coors!" Would appreciate the humour in this paragraph because he can bring the funny himself:


Q said...

Vincent Lecav -rumour alert....
Eventhough he bought a new home in Ile Bizard he's not ready to come to Montreal just yet. He will mostly likey go to Los Angeles with St Louis.
Heard it here first!

Robbie said...

Geoff shooting off that shirt canon in the commercial kinda looked like Montreal forwards trying to hit the net this last season.

L Dude said...

@Q: Eklund, is that you?

Anybody see this headline on TSN?:


To paraphrase: Lever is sad and confused.

Anonymous said...

You have a pretty good site, funny stuff, I found another one thats pretty good check it out for a good laugh., and theres another one but I can't remember it right now. Go Habs Go

saskhab said...

Hmm... both our new owner and our new coach are St. Lawrence alumni. I had no idea they offered a major in "Leading an Overzealous Following" or soemthing along that line.

Boob Gainey said...

Geoff Molson's wife walks into a bad.

Bartender looks up and say "Hey Kate, why the long face?"

HabsFan29 said...

hey hey i think she's decent looking.

for a Bostonian

kevincrumbs said...

I hope Vinny stays far away from this team.

Noda said...

Any chance of a draft Jaro?!