Friday, June 12, 2009

The Morning Skate is ambivalent about Game 7 for Friday, June 12th

Top 'o the morning, bitches! You know how excited we were a couple of days ago when we realized there will be a Game 7? Yeah, well now not so much. Our excitement is tempered by the realization that THE FUCKING SEASON ENDS TONIGHT. No more hockey. Just baseball. Ugh.

So the Journal de Québec is reporting that the highest bid for the Habs is the Saputo-Bronfman bid. Wait, what? Saputo? When the fuck did that happen? That's all according to their "sources", as Saputo denies even bidding. This is turning into the stupidest, secretest, most ridiculous, going-to-kill-the-UFA-season-for-us process we could have imagined.

In other news, contrary to other reports Tanguay's agent has in fact been in contact with Bob. No doubt to get the answer "sorry we can't sign anyone until we have an owner." Fuck me. Marc Crawford is the new Dallas coach. For shits and giggles, please enjoy SLC's handy user guide to Ray Emery. Funniest thing on the interwebs this week.

Happy Sexy Friday to one and all.


L Dude said...

Really, hockey ended about six months ago, when the Habs lost to the B's in the playoffs. It's been at least that long, right?

You Montrealers may want to start virtually lining up for Draft Day Tickets

Robbie said...

In my twisted mind i am fucking grateful the end of the season is tonight...this year seemed like a bad date that turned into a bad relationship and it just fucking dragged on and on...

What the fuck! Beer, cheese and hockey what the FUCK! Just what the Canadiens need the Italian Mafia mixing with the Russian Mafia and some Bronfman's. Enough said! As for all the non signings and other fucked up issues related to the non-sale-sale it will just serve as another poor ass excuse for next years performance on the ice..two seats int he reds for sale

Crawford in Dallas...Cowboys and Crawford...oh fuck don't want to go there maybe they could make a movie called Broke Back Centermen

I think Ray (can i kill someone) Emery will do ok in Philly. Just give him a Prozac from time to time.

Tonights final Detroit 4 Pens 2 but who really gives a flying fuck...

L Dude said...

Oh yeah. Go Wings. Or not. Who gives a flying fuck?!

Bienvenue a la Centre du Fromage!

Has a nice ring. And how's my french, considering i just didn't take the time to find all the correct accents?

eyebleaf said...

Go Wings. And Hossa.

Fuck it, I'm going to the Jays game.

Anonymous said...

Ian Laperriere will apparently be a free agent come July 1. You know he's coming to the Habs.... unless he joins the list of people spurning Bob's offers?

HabsFan29 said...

@anon - no doubt the media will be all over Bob until he way overpays for him. it's destiny.

Senators Lost Cojones said...

Glove tap for the linkage, gentlemen. I'd offer you a lap dance but I don't think you'd want any of our strippers.

Oh, and GO WINGS..I guess. Is it October yet?