Saturday, June 20, 2009

The FHF Salutes All the Dads

A father's love ... sometimes misguided, always genuine.

Michael Farber calls the Canadiens the most self-reverential franchise in pro sports. Part of the franchise's allure is it's own sense of history; the Habs can and do feel like family. Sometimes, that family atmosphere actually manifests itself on ice or in the head office. The Cleghorn brothers preceded the Richards and the Mahovlich's all the way to Big and Little Tits. But there's also a rich history of fathers and sons: Emile and Pierre Bouchard. Dick Irvin Senior and Junior. Boom-Boom and Danny Geoffrion. Boom-Boom and his father-in-law Howie Morenz.

With the news that the sons of Molson are in the pole position to return Molson Canadiens Hockey to the world, the FHF salute to Father's Day takes on an extra special tone. The Molson family has a long and storied link to this franchise, and the family can lay claim to some part of 11 of 24 Cups in team history. The Molsons purchased the Habs in 1957; my father was 20 years old and already loved the team thanks to his Dad. The Molsons became a part of his obsession and were still there when he sat Baby HF10 down to see what this Montreal Canadiens thing was all about. I suspect Dr. HF29, HF4 Senior and PangerPere have a similar history and life-long connection with this special franchise that they passed on in much the same way. Fathers (and Moms ... but this is a Dad's day thing) fall in love with a team, fall in love with their sons, and those two come together to create the lunatic passion that results in sites like this.

Canadiens icons can make exceptional, brave dads who carry a grieving family on their back like Bob Gainey; they can be misguided albeit loving dads like Guy Lafleur; they can be flawed role models like Patrick Roy. Our dads aren't perfect, but they do their best. One of their best moves was passing on a love for this great team, it's city, and it's family of fans. It's a love I plan on passing on to MiniHF10 and MiniHF10 Deux too. Dads pass love on. On Father's Day, make sure you pass some back.

Happy Father's Day, Dads. Whether you agree with the content or not, the passion that this site engenders in its writers, readers and commenters is down to you. Thanks.


Sonia said...

Classic Father's Day quote from Bill Cosby: "My father established our relationship when I was seven years old. He looked at me and said, You know, I brought you in this world, and I can take you out. And it don't make no difference to me, I'll make another one look just like you."

Happy Father's Day HF10 & FHF dads.

moeman said...

Jean Béliveau, ce grand ambassadeur pour le Canadien, s’est réjoui d’apprendre que la famille Molson a repris possession de l’équipe.
«C’est une excellente nouvelle pour tout le monde, a-t-il raconté. Les frères Molson prennent ainsi la relève de leurs aînés. C’est une famille qui est établie à Montréal depuis plus de 200 ans et sa réputation n’est plus à faire.
«Comme je les connais, les Molson vont prendre tous les moyens nécessaires pour faire du Canadien une équipe gagnante», a ajouté Béliveau.
«Les amateurs aimeraient voir un plus grand nombre de joueurs québécois dans la formation, mais il faut comprendre que les temps ont bien changé, que le hockey s’est internationalisé. Il n’est pas facile pour le Canadien de repêcher les meilleurs joueurs québécois disponibles. La meilleure façon d’acquérir de bons joueurs francophones, c’est par le marché des transactions.»


Jean Béliveau, this great ambassador for the Canadiens, was delighted to learn that the Molson family has taken possession of the team. "This is great news for everyone," he said. The Molson brothers and take over from their elders. This is a family that is based in Montreal for over 200 years and its reputation is well established. "As I know, the Molson will take all necessary means to make the Canadian team winning," said Beliveau. "Fans want to see a greater number of players training in Quebec, but one must understand that times have changed, that hockey has become internationalized. It is not easy for the Canadiens pick the best players available in Quebec. The best way to acquire good players francophones, it is through market transactions. "


Bonne Fête des Pères 4HFer Dads. Have a Molson.

L Dude said...

That was beautiful, 10. Just fucking beautiful.

The news of the Molsons is a ray of light on a dreary, rain soaked weekend, where it would be a great time to sit inside, drink a few Rickards (a Molson product? Yes!) and watch the US Open. But wait. They're getting even more fucking rain (which I'll fucking see tomorrow!) Goddammit. Now I'll have to 'do something' productive inside. Shit.


New Coach. Check.
New Owner. Check.
New Prez. Maybe. Hope so.
Next up: 1/2 of a new team.

And 3 cheers for Larry Walker being inducted into the Canadian baseball Hall of Fame. He joins Fergie Jenkins to double the enrollment.

Boob Gainey said...

So no Boreale or St.Ambroise at the Bell Centre next year then.