Monday, June 01, 2009

The Morning Skate for Monday, June 1st

June 1st? Fuck me...
  • Well, this series is over. Wings take Game 2, 3-1. It's too bad, the Pens are playing pretty well, but Osgood was too good again. The real excitement last night was the Malkin-Zetterberg lightweight division tilt at the end of the game. You read that right. Here's the vid;
  • Habs strength and conditioning coach Scott Livingston is leaving the club. Good fucking riddance;
  • Dallas will have a new GM today, and it's Joe Nieuwendyk. Brett Hull has been reassigned to the golf course.
In case you think the series is not over, here is our favourite anonymous blonde woman previewing the Finals. Her Pens in 6 prediction may now be mocked openly.


Sonia said...

Habs are after supposedly after Jacques Martin.As Michael Farber said on CJAD, “this would be the Yawn of a new era”.

I’m bored alreadyzzzzzzzzzzzz

Habsfan10 said...

Zetterberg versus Malkin? Don Cherry weeps.

QLess said...

The Team 990 is reporting that it's a done deal - Jacques Martin is the new Habs coach