Monday, June 22, 2009

The Morning Skate for Monday, June 22nd

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of getting a new liver...
  • The post-sale analysis and recriminations have begun! Pat Hickey calls Québecor the biggest loser in the deal. Well, duh. Guy Lafleur thinks the Molsons will make the team more francophone. Huh? Shut up, Guy;
  • Somehow Le Fonds de solidarité de la FTQ are partners with the Molsons, or at least has some sort of investment. There goes our feeling of superiority over the Pension Planners;
  • In other news, looks like Brent sutter will be the new Flames coach.
In an effort to play nice with the new owners, we at FHF would like to take a moment to profess our love for the wide range of fine Molson products. Except for Coors Light, that shit is gross. Oh and Ex ain't so great either. And who drinks Molson Dry anymore? And is Laurentide still a beer or did it go out of production in the 80's? We guess what we're saying is, please keep widening the distribution of Creemore.


L Dude said...

While you're at it, I'm a huge Rickards fan (mmmm Honey Brown....and Red to a lesser degree). But that White shit is disgusting. Except it tastes like it should be good at keeping mosquitoes at bay. If this can be proved, I'll take some camping and use it as bug dope.

Robbie said...

@ Dude it doesn't work for mosquitoes i fucking tried it...its not fucking good for anything.

I can't wait for the anti English anti Jewish rhetoric to start, in, fact fuck me its probably already started..there was a good positive article in the press about the Molson Family and its deep roots to Quebec, Jean B. had some truly nice words for the M family..however as we all fucking know, unless you had 15 kids and lived on a farm and gave almost all your money to the child molesters (aka Catholic Church) well then your just not quite in touch with your Quebecois side... I sure anytime now some fucking talking head over at anti chambre, 110% or the journal will start to let is spew.

Any fucking how not sure what this sale will mean winning percentage wise..but fucking please, please, please don't let them hire Serge ( i do love him BUT) as the new Pres...i couldn't handle that.

L Dude said...

Thanks for the tip Robbie.

Are you afraid of Savard sticking his former GM, French Canadian fingers where they don't belong and steering this team towards a more Francophone direction, regardless of talent level, or is it something else?

Typically, what power does the prez have in a hockey organization as far as on-ice talent goes? This is a serious question - beyond the players on the bench, I'm kind of a "who fucking cares" type of guy.

Robbie said...

Yes my attitude is much the same as yours related to the Pres position, however i just don"t much like having former players in any role in a Hockey franchise especially where top tier decisions are made. I just don't like the whole "click" aspect. Serge got to much credit for results which were not his. I think he is a genuine guy but not Pres material. The general feeling in my mind (what fucking little i have) is that the organization needs a total face lift (past and present) NOT COSMETIC, "TOTAL" The Molson's have an opportunity to really look at rebuilding this organization and moving it forward on a foundation more based on future success then past glory.

The decisions have to be more structured and directed at immediate results as well as building a base for the future. It seems to me that in the last 20 years the organization went totally sideways with the decision making structure. To many "ex hockey" somethings (players now coaches, players now GM's, Players now this and that) involved. The whole thing just never clicked a fast car with an awesome engine but the timing off. It was to much wait and see and excuses after excuses. This team is better (or should be) then that and its rabid fan base deserves better.

Bryan said...

haha i buy moslon dry every once in a while, usually when im going to my french friends' house for a game. and there's nothing wrong with coors light when need to get drunk for cheap while camping or something.

E said...

Hamilton Bulldogs coaching staff just got super merked.
I deserve a lap dance.

HFF33 aka Panger said...

I will only drink Molson from now on. Then again, I never really liked beer that much anyway, so I suppose promising a lifetime of Canadian isn't the biggest deal.

Saw the thing about canning Lever and Wilson. I have a hard time believing it was over the phone, but if so BAD BOB, BAAAD.

HFF33 aka Panger said...

Oh and I know it's usually HF29's job, but I'm giving E a lap dance for that.

Habsfan10 said...

Panger, L Dude reported the Lever firing in the post above ... 5 minutes before E. Sorry E. Your lap dance is revoked, and for the erroneous lap dance award, Panger is now minus 2 lapdances.

And if the firing by phone is true, Bob should be ashamed.