Friday, June 19, 2009

The Morning Skate hands out the hardware for Friday, June 19th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of having 400 pounds of marijuana... or having nightmares of getting caught with it...
  • The NHL hands oout its awards in Vegas, baby! Ovie is your MVP, both Hart and Pearson versions. We've got Broons up the wazoo, with the big gorilla, Timmy boy and Julien taking home the Norris, Vezina, and Adams. Datsyuk takes the Lady Bing and Selke double for the second year in a row. No current Habs won anything. They gave HF4's numbersake a lifetime achievement award, like it was the Oscars or something;
  • The NHL seems to be considering having a doubleheader Winter Classic in Boston and Clagary;
  • Be sure to scroll down to see HF10's post about The Flower's uh, "sentence".
Sexy Friday wants to know how come you haven't called her back after that torrid night last week.


moeman said...

Félicitations Mr. Beliveau.

Habsfan10 said...

Hey, way to ruin a fucking awesome idea, NHL. Why not play every game outdoors next year? Think of the awesomeness!!!

Fucking morons. First, they ruin the Bruins game by shoehorning Ovie and the Caps in for NBC, instead of doing the right thing and making it Habs-Bruins or Bruins-Rangers. Now they'll add Calgary vs Edmonton or Vancouver or (shudder) Colorado and fuck it up worse.

Jeez, I hope the Habs make it a triple-header of garbage by having a not-so-outdoor game of their own in the Big Owe too!

One game a year. That's it.

Montréaliste1 said...

@ 10: They will, most likely, in December. The worst is that they are going to make season tkts holders pay EXTRA for that game. Fuckers.

Anonymous said...

dont care I'm just losing my shit over the idea of that twat Peladeau buying the Habs. FUCK.

kevincrumbs said...


La Presse, HIO and Robert's site are all reporting that George has sold the team to the Molsons.

Praise Jeebus (and George)!

Anonymous said...

FUCK yes MOtherfuCKERS