Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Morning Skate has some questions for Bob for Tuesday, June 30th

So Bob here's our principle question for you this morning - WTF? We're just not sure we understand what you're up to. Yesterday you confirmed you made an offer to Kovalev, but then said "it's not possible" to offer Tangy or Koivu contracts before July 1st. Tell us how this makes sense Bob. We are on the verge of losing the Captain, he would probably sign for cheap, yet it's "not possible" to offer him a contract. Some dinky 2 or 3 mill contract is not gonna make a lick of difference in signing Vinny or the two-headed Sedin monster. So what's "not possible" Bob? Is your phone not working? Can't you just borrow one?

Anyway, we'll give you some props for the new Hamilton coach and for making sure you did the paperwork to get qualifying offers to all the restricted FA's (we guess the fax is working). In other positive news, good to see HF4's numbersake get an honourary captaincy to the 2010 Olympic team. And in really positive news, we swear Panger will have that UFA preview for you today. Those fingers crossed behind my back are due to an unrelated arthritic condition.

But that's all the positivity we can muster this morning. We're starting to worry we'll have no players come October. At least maybe now our boy CHips can get some playing time. You know, assuming some other team doesn't snatch him up.


Daniel Plainview said...

yeah its bizarre, maybe they just don't want Saku to break the record.

Boob Gainey said...

Saku has slowed down a lot and is often injured. I agree with letting him try to win a cup somewhere else, maybe San Jose.

I don't think this means Chipchura will make it to the big club.

L Dude said...

Overheard at various press conferences:

October, 2008
BG: "We don't negotiate during the season."

April, 2009
BG: "We don't negotiate during the playoffs."

June 15, 2009
BG: "We don't negotiate until after the draft."

June 28, 2009
BG: "We don't negotiate until free agency begins."

August, 2009
BG: "HEY! Where the fuck have all the players gone?!"

Sonia said...

Letting Saku walk might make sense (a little) if he had dropped to No. 3 or 4 on the depth chart, but last time I checked he was still this team's best centre. And as for Vinny or the Sedins, the only way we'll see them here is if Bob orders giant McFarlane figurines & slaps the CH on them.

Boob Gainey said...

June 30, 2009
Boob Gainey: "Damn!"

Van Read said...

I'd think he can't offer to the others yet because he doesn't know what's happening with the Lecavalier deal. It goes down today, or it doesn't go down.

Robbie said...

Is not everyone just a little FUCKING tired of all this colossal bullshit which continues to come from the front office of this fucked up organization. I mean for fuck sakes i'm starting to think i live in TO. What the fuck are we going to do when that leprechaun in FUCKS VILLE (TO) puts together a better team then Les Canadien? Were going to end up spending the entire season warding off those fuck head Leaf Fans.

It occurs to me that its either BG himself, or who ever the fuck currently controls the organization that doesn't have a single fucking clue how to manage this years UFA's...were fucked!

Tom said...

The worst news is him offering a contract to Kovalev. Unless he comes out with a 40-goal, 90-point yet this season, there is no way I can support him during this season.

Isn't it weird the way we treat our two best forwards? Kovalev takes shifts, games, and seasons off, and we offer him a contract. Koivu battles through his size, players, injuries, and cancer for 15 years with this club, and yet we can't offer him anything.

Something is wrong with that picture.

Habsfan1993 said...

Bob Gainey was also quoted as saying "there's a lot of time between now and October." Great. This guy is lazy and incompetent. I've been saying it for two years now, and finally we're seeing that it's the truth.

Anonymous said...

@Tom +1

Offering that floater a contract ahead of Saku AND Tanguay makes me sick. Fuck his individual talent. I don't want to have to search for him during four game clips before he makes a "spectacular" play.

The worst thing in the world to happen to Habs fans was kovy's '07-08 performance - he's fooled Bob and too many others into thinking he's irreplaceable.

It was said in a past FHF comment that the most common play by play heard with kovy was "gives the puck away". While that was in reference to a particular game, I don't ever want to hear it again.

Kovy 2-1 for the "C" ??? *PUKES*

wv: balin -- i am so worried Bob's possibly balin on the classiest guy to pull on the CH in years

Robbie said...

While i am with you guys as a general rule its clear that neither the Russian, AKA "Play when i want to" if he was putting up 40+ and 100 points for the season i would have no problem looking beyond his shortcomings but thats not what he is delivering. Saku is not the long term answer to putting this team on the right road. Saku is a stand up Captain but only in the sense that he conducts himself as a general rule with class on and off the ice...as a Finn myself i would love to see him finish his career here in MTL but at the same time he is now not more then a second or third line center for any true cup contender. His market value is no more the 2.5 or 3 max..so its clear as someone already mentioned that that type of salary does not hurt the genius GM, BG from signing a quality player or a couple of players who could potentially drive this team in a new direction on the ice.

The problem has become more one of sentimentality then reality and the front office needs to oust BG and find a GM who can move this team in the right direction because the sad fact is if something REAL does not happen this summer we'll all be here in February of 2010 bitching away and fending off the Leaf Fans rubbing our face with, "their team is better then our team" crap!

ik said...

Give Kovy someone to play with aka the Sedins and you will see a great year from him, ppg at least. We all saw what he could do once they put the UFA line together last year. Enough of the Kovy bashing, he's the best forward we have and I'm sure you were all sucking his dick a year ago after his amazing season. Didn't he still lead the habs in scoring this past year?

Ian Vitro said...


Where the fuck were you guys all season when I was bitching about the goddam "enigma" that is our very own lazy floating fuck Kovalev? Bob's offer better be on par with Brisebois' salary. Fuck, I'd rather see Patrice wearing the "C" than Kovy. I know the Breeze sucks, but I also know he tries his hardest every game. Kovalev is fucking narcoleptic out there. Or he would be if he'd actually sporadically wake up for a decent team every once in a while. He had about 1 point against Boston last year. You know how many times we fucking play Boston in a season? And how every single time it's a key game?

You know who's better, younger, has tried harder for this club, and is even a fucking francophone for those retards at RDS? You can shove Kovalev up Komisarek's ass and send them to hockey purgatory in Phoenix for all I care. Re-sign our priority players, like Tanguay.

Oh yeah, and who was that big centre that led us in scoring until his injury last season? Started with "L," but didn't end in acavalier.... Seriously, is Kovalev up there blowing Gainey and staff while they stare into his big blue eyes? They're not turned on by Lang's mullet? Or they're too busy jacking off to Kovy's hockey DVD that they forgot Lang actually played for us for the first half of the season?

I have to say I haven't been sure that I trust in Bob lately. We keep saying it, but what has he done for us lately? Other than threw away what I would call our 2 best forwards last season? Trust, like respect, is earned. And honestly, Gainey hasn't been doing much for me on that front lately.


Anonymous said...

@Ian Vitro +1

couldn't agree more. that "superstar" has an anomaly of a season in '07-08, going into the twilight of his career and everybody drops to their knees "faster than Paris Hilton in a niteclub bathroom" (thank you HF10)