Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My role, my role, what's my role again.

So I've been thinking about something. The Heatley trade in the makings.

From what I understand, Heatley and coach Clouston got together at season's end (does that mean January SLC?) a few weeks ago to discuss the sniper's role on the team. Apparently they disagreed on what that would be but, in good faith, they agreed to meet again after the World Championships.

When they did, they were no closer to coming to terms.

Um, I'm a bit confused about this one. HIS ROLE ON THE TEAM? Heatley scores 40-50 yearly now.

His stats:

2005–06 Ottawa Senators 82 50 53 103
2006–07 Ottawa Senators 82 50 55 105
2007–08 Ottawa Senators 71 41 41 82
2008–09 Ottawa Senators 82 39 33 72

So here's what I'm thinking. Here's what this meeting shoulda sounded like.

Clouston: Hey Dany, gotta sec?

Dany: Sure thing.

Clouston: Look Dany, I just wanted to discuss your role with the team next year.

Dany: Uhuh.

Clouston: Just score like between 40 to 50 goals.

Dany: Cool.

Clouston: K have a nice summer.

Dany: K bye.

Have fun replacing one of the best scorers in the league, Clouston (to be read in Seinfeld hello Newman voice)


HabsFan29 said...

if somehow he ends up a Hab, he'll end up being a quality 20 goal scorer

Boob Gainey said...

Do you think the Sens will take Latendresse and O'Byrne for Heatley?

J.T. said...

It's all well and good for the guy to score 40-50 goals a year, but what about the ass pats? He wasn't giving enough ass pats and his teammates were noticing. There's also the fact that Heater sits closest to the stereo in the room, which automatically puts him in the "pick music/volume control" role. He just wasn't stepping up and Clouston had to do something.

wv: "wanif" Wanif the Habs could get Heatley? Who'd be his centre?

South Shore Habs Fan said...

I hear that Clouston didn't like Heatley's lack of commitment to the team goal of having the hottest celebrity girlfriends.

Tom said...

If Heatley gets traded for Pheaneuf and then they resign Comrie, I'm finding a way to sneak into the team's Christmas party (Carrie Underwood, Hillary Duff and Elisha Cuthbert all in the same room? My head would explode- or at least part of me would).

Anyways, I've been thinking that we should offer S. Kostitsyn, Subban and a draft pick for Heatley.

Number31 said...

Argh people stop trying to trade Subban.

Anyway, Heatley is just a spoiled brat. The Sens losing him, though, would destroy their one line. Either way, those are awesome tags.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

I really hope Bob trades up at the draft to take Brayden Schenn. Not because I think he's worth it, but because it'd be an awesome fuck-you to Brian Burke who will doubtless want a brother duo of his own, not to mention if we stick him between the brothers K, we could call it the Kostitschenn line. Kostitschenn. It's like Sean Connery is doing the play-by-play.

I miss hockey.

WV: "pures". Not the most appropriate word verification for this site...

Tom said...

Why keep Subban? We have tons of good dmen in the minors, and his value is higher because of the world juniors.

I just don't want to end up with another Terry Ryan, or Brent Bilodeau.