Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kirk Muller loses cellphone, continues as Habs assistant coach

(Québecor Wire Services) - Habs Assistant Coach Kirk Muller reported losing his cellphone late last week. Reached in person at his off-season home in Kingston, Muller was visibly distraught at the loss of his iPhone. He said "it was brand new, and I hadn't backed up my contacts yet. All that time wasted."

Muller was nervous and shaking as he described his lack of communication. "No one can get in touch with me. Who has a landline anymore? Do you think I missed any important calls?"

When informed about the firings of Hamilton head coach Don Lever and Habs assistant Doug Jarvis, Muller said "that's hockey. I'll miss them, but life goes on. Now where the fuck did I put that phone?"


HoustonHab said...

I'm with Kirk.

If I had a choice between losing my job and my cell phone. I'd definatly pick my job.

Some of those contacts will never get back, you know.

moeman said...

Not a good excuse Kirk cuz you can now Find your iPhone via Mobile Me and iPhoneOS 3.0. That or maybe check Tricia Helfer's car/purse/room/bra.

L Dude said...

Is Muller banging Six? That would make sense I guess. Captain Kirk did more than a few aliens in his day.

J.T. said...

Best to just let that phone vanish, Kirky. In fact, don't check your email or home phone messages either. Just show up at camp in September and pretend you haven't heard a thing.

Cowboyatheart said...

Toe pick!

lawyergirl77 said...


Stéphane Richer in figure skates?
It all makes sense now.

(Probert and Domi in figure skates? Douche vs. Douche... awesome!)

Sonia said...

Bob Probert and Tie Domi figure skating. Hope there's a Pairs event.

Don Cherry will either have a nervous breakdown or he'll get to work designing their costumes (Oh the visual! Ouch! my mind's eye!)

Anonymous said...

oh beelee me Vinny is conen. jer!